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Zorro Underwear 6

The first time I saw my brother Tom with his “Zorro” underwear, I was on the floor laughing. I don’t know what the Z is actually supposed to stand for, but I like to call them his Zorro underwear. Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of his Wonderwoman underwear 😉

Dumb thief 2

Some thieves are really dumb. I walked up to my Jeep this morning and the plastic window was unzipped and when I opened my door the faceplate from my stereo was sitting on my seat and there were little pieces of broken plastic and bent metal all over my car. My glove box was also ...

Panic and The Rebel Emergency CD Release Party 1

My cousin’s band (Panic & The Rebel Emergency) are playing at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto tonight (Wednesday June 29th). They have been recording their debut CD for the last year in New York City, and they have returned to Canada to release the CD and put on a kick ass show at the ...

Forty Year-Old Virgin 2

Thanks for this one Tommy Boy. Hey, he kinda looks like you Tom! Does that tell you something??

Ain’t no bone too big for her 1

I just boned my dog Mojo, but just yesterday Mark told me that my bone is too big for such a small dog. So far there is no indication that my bone is too big for Mojo. She’s already looking for a place to bury my bone. What is your opinion? 😉  

Toronto Island Boat Cruise 1

On Friday night we had a work event where we went on a “boat cruise” in Lake Ontario through the Toronto islands. There were a few hundred people on the boat, but one person really stood out. One of the guys that we work with had quite a few drinks and he and his wife ...

Do all good things come to an end?

… I would have done anything for that girl

Insincerity and heartache 3

What are you supposed to believe when a person you really care about appears to be sincere but their actions don’t reflect what they say? Is everything supposed to be fine the next day when they act like nothing happened, not realizing what pain they’ve put you through? It’s amazing how much impact a person ...

US approves flag burning amendment 1

US House members have approved a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. The bill will be passed to the senate for voting and there is a good chance it will pass the senate. It would give Congress the power to ban desecration of the American flag. In 1989 the Supreme Court ruled that flag-burning was ...

James On Books 2

I was tagged by iBrett to tell a little bit about some of the books I own and interest me. Number of books I own: 57 books on my shelf + a few books at my Mom’s house.Last book I bought: America The Book: A citizen’s guide to democracy inaction by Jon Stewart Last books ...