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Eco-Friendly(er) Go-karts 3

Go-karts have really evolved since my Dad first took me go-karting in Michigan way back in 1985. Back in those days, the gas-powered go-kart engines made your clothes smell like exhaust fumes for the rest of the day. You’d always see the mechanic working on a broken-down kart, and there would be a backlog of other sick go-karts waiting for repairs.

While working in Halifax last fall, I was introduced to a new type of eco-friendly go-karts that run on electricity. They run for about 10 minutes and after each race, they are hooked up to a charger to re-charge their batteries. These karts are quiet, quick and fun.

Recently I took my Big Brothers “little brother” Quenelle go-karting in Toronto and we had a great time. Each kart is equipped with a computerized tracking chip and after the race each racer receives a printout of the statistics for the race (Fastest lap, average speed, max speed etc.)

Seeing electric go-karts makes me excited for what the future holds for electric cars. There’s a lot of momentum right now for electric cars and it’s only a matter of time before the engineering is mastered so that electric cars can be mass produced.

The major problem with electric cars is that most of our electricity comes from dirty non-renewable energy sources, so a massive increase in demand for electricity will ensue and the world will need to focus on generating more renewable, clean energy sources such as wind, solar and tide.

Nevertheless, mass produced electric cars will be a positive turning point for the world.