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In Memory of Mary Thompson & Peter Root 6

Peter Root Mary Thompson

Peter Root and Mary Thompson in an undated photo (Photo courtesy of Jerry Root)

Last week we covered the sad story about British Bicycle Bloggers Mary Thompson and Peter Root, who were tragically killed in Thailand after bicycling around the world since July 2011.

I didn’t personally know Mary or Peter, but their untimely deaths have nonetheless significantly affected me emotionally. Their bicycling journey around the world has both fascinated and inspired me, while their deaths have saddened me.

Unfortunately, their blog – – in which they chronicled their round-the-world bicycle odyssey, has not been working correctly since their deaths.

As a result, the wonderful stories of their fascinating bicycle tour around the world may go to the grave with Thompson and Root.

In order to preserve the memories of their remarkable journey around the world, I have used the cached version of their website to retrieve a few dozen photos from their bike tour and I created a YouTube video with one of my favourite songs, “Hear You Me”, by Jimmy Eat World.

It was admittedly impossible to compile this video without shedding tears. I hope their journey inspires you as much as it inspires me.

Rest in peace friends, and may angels lead you in.

James D. Schwartz is the Editor of The Urban Country and is based in Toronto, Canada. You can contact James at or follow him on Twitter.

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  • James

    it’s better to live a short life full of experiences than a long life full of regrets.

    RIP Mary & Peter

  • Fred the Biker

    Anyone know why their blog has had problems since the incident?

    • James Schwartz

      I’m not sure. I thought maybe all the traffic the site was getting due to the media attention brought it down. But the home page loads fine so who knows.

    • Charlie Towers

      Their wordpress site was subject to the ‘pharma-hack’ issue, Pete fixed it once, but it got re-infected. I’d also like to see it working, but somehow it’s poignant that the site is broken. Although I hadn’t seen them for 18 months, the blog and their fantastic videos allowed those of us left on our tiny island to join them vicariously on their journey. Thank you for making the tribute James it makes a difference.

  • Paul G

    A lovely and very moving memorial to a wonderful couple! Paul G

  • bandarherbal

    Duh karunya teuing si Mary& Peter nya cara menyembuhkan kista