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Murderer and rapist Karla Homolka is going to be released from jail on July 5th, 2005. The same day her rape and murder victim Leslie Mahaffy was born. Talk about a lack of respect for Leslie’s family. I say we start a website called, and when Karla Homolka is released from jail, we post ...

Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a very entertaining film, and even more entertaining than Bowling for Columbine and Roger & Me, due to the fact that the topic is something that affects all of our lives. The USA is a world power, so many Canadians follow American politics because many of the decisions made at the White ...

Dave Matthews Rocks!

I attended the Dave Matthews concert last night in Toronto. I’ve always had a certain respect for Dave Matthews’ talent, but I had never purchased any of his cds. When I first found out that lawn seats at the Molson Amphitheatre were over $60 with all the fees included, I was curious as to why ...

Thank you GMail!

Hotmail has just announced they are increasing the email storage capacity by 125 times the regular 2mb limit. This simulates the move made by Yahoo a few weeks back to increase their Inbox size to 150MB from the standard 4MB size. Sometimes capitalism pays off. Kudos to GMail for starting this trend

Is OHIP not working?

I was walking down the sidewalk today, and a middle aged man asked me if I could spare some change so that he could go to the hospital to get some stitches for his face. His nose and forehead were covered in blood. Don’t we pay enough taxes in Canada that we don’t need to ...

Street car drivers

Why is it that every time there is an unnecessary, repetitive honking of a street car horn, I look up to see a female Street car driver?

Beer Can War

I attended a NASCAR race in Michigan on the weekend and stayed at a camp site at the track, partying with a bunch of drunk NASCAR fans (Many of which were Canadian as well). We piled 12 people into the back of a pickup truck, and somebody threw a half-full can of beer at the ...

The Urban Country Visitor Log 16

Thanks for traveling to the Urban Country! We truly hope you enjoyed your stay! Please sign our visitor log and let us know what part of the world you’re visiting from. See you again!