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Do you like black girls? 8

I had quite an unusual experience at of all places, the Dental office. The story starts when I first arrived; I noticed that the two hygienists that were working this evening were both good looking. Then as my hygienist was cleaning my teeth, she was encouraging me to floss more often so that I could impress a “hot” hygienist when she looks in my mouth. I thought about this for a moment and my first instinct was to check to see if she had a ring on her left hand. Not surprisingly, no ring was detected.

When I went to the front office to pay for the dental services, one of the girls working at the front asked me if the hygienist hit on me, because she “tends to do that a lot, especially with the cute guys”. So I went along with it and told her that she had mentioned to me that I should clean often to impress the “hot” hygienist. Then she quietly asked me a question. I had heard her ask me if I like “bad girls”. So I went along with it and said sure, I like some bad girls. She then corrected me and said “I asked if you like black girls”. So I started to get a bit embarrassed, so I told her yeah, I like some black girls. (It’s generally pretty tough for a girl to embarrass me like this).

Having fun with her little game, she continued to feed the ego by saying she hits on all the “hot” patients that come in. She then tried to get me to make my next appointment on a day that she was working. By this time, the other girl working at the front desk, the hygienist and I are all laughing our heads off, my face as red as a beat. She even went as far to ask me if I like to be tied up. This was too much for me, I was embarrassed as ever; everyone around us is laughing, and the girl managed to keep a straight face when asking me the question. I had nothing to say to this, I was extremely shocked at her last question; and I can assure you that I’m not easily shocked considering my buddy Tim’s natural ability to shock anyone with his candid and usually morbid jokes.

She then walked over to my brother Tom and asked him how old he is. He told her he’s 19, and that riled her up liked a rabid animal. I told her that he’s my “Mini me”. She looked down in his crotch area and said, “No he’s not”. At this point I’m still laughing my head off at how forthright this girl was being in what was supposed to be a professional environment.

To top it all off, while booking my next appointment the other girl told me I had a choice about which hygienist I’d like to do me next time I come in. And that’s about the time when George leaves on a high note. (Hands in the air) All right folks, I’M DONE!

8 thoughts on “Do you like black girls?

  1. iBrett May 3,2005 5:29 am

    Growing up, my brothers and I shared a standing joke about receiving the “full service” while at the dental office. This is the first time I’ve heard about the “full service” being fully realized. You’re right, it is a strange experience in an environment that is supposed to be professional – but it’s also very funny (and slightly frightening – especially the question about being tied up).

  2. Anonymous May 3,2005 11:51 am

    barry says,
    I’m glad you finally got your brother to go to the dentist.It appears that he may be going more often now,right?When’s your next appointment?6 months or 6 days?

  3. Jim May 3,2005 1:04 pm

    brett: That was as close to the full service I’ve ever encountered at the dentist, and you’re right, it was pretty scary when she started talking about the “freaky” stuff.

  4. Jim May 3,2005 1:06 pm

    barry: My next appointment will be in 4 months because I had just had a cleaning a month or two ago. Yesterday was only supposed to be measuring my gums, but she ended up doing a quick cleaning anyway.

    Now the whole world knows my dental schedule. Nice!

  5. scarbs May 4,2005 2:21 am

    Awesome story.. Blackalicious!

  6. n.v. May 4,2005 3:44 am

    Jim, do you like black girls that’ve been dipped in white paint?

  7. islandarts May 4,2005 4:38 pm

    Little do you know that you were actually in the ‘rub and tug’ joint a few doors down from the dental office… OR perhaps the hygenist was in the wrong place.

  8. Jim May 4,2005 5:25 pm

    lol islandarts.. It really did seem like I went in the wrong office 😉

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