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New Orleans is sinking 6

In less than 6 hours, New Orleans is going to be under full assault from Hurricane Katrina. The city has been evacuated with the NFL team the New Orleans Saint’s stadium being used as an emergency shelter for those who don’t evacuate. All major highways have one-way traffic leaving the city, and 485,000 people are fleeing.

From the sounds of it, I don’t think there will be much left of the city that sits as much as 10 feet below sea level in spots. Some experts fear that the hurricane could be as powerful and dangerous as the Asian tsunami that wreaked havoc in the Asia region last December.

6 thoughts on “New Orleans is sinking

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    It’s terrible what has happended in New Orleans. I only hope the people of New Orleans get the full support they need to minimize tragedy and to return to “normal” life without undue delay. But there is not doubt this event will leave a mark on the psyche of all involved for a long, long time.

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