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My Face 3

So I decided to take a 15 minute break from studying and I came across this really cool Face recognition site where you can upload a photo of yourself to see what celebrities you look like. I was pleased to see that some of my favourite actors slightly resembled me (Except I wasn’t too happy to see David Schwimmer in there ;))

Actually I ran it a few times with a few different pictures, and the odd time it matched me with actresses which was very flattering. The one celebrity that was constant for me was David Schwimmer. I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

I’ve also included a couple pictures from our downstairs bathroom. Every time I’m dropping the kids off at the pool I can see a reflection of myself on the cupboard knob. It’s actually a bit strange and somewhat creepy, but it’s also sorta funky; so I took a couple pictures to share with you. (No I wasn’t actually doing the deed at the time of the photo).




  • george

    nice! i always thought you looked like michael vartan!
    i guess i just have one of those faces. i ran my favourite photo of me twice – the first time, i got no results (which tends to indicate that i am too monstrous to resemble anyone famouse or attractive) and then i cropped the photo closer and got “chow yun fat” which is pretty cool. i tried a second photo (one in which i’m not smiling so big) and got “sharon stone” (67%). sweet, huh?
    - g

  • Crankyputz

    Shashi Kapoor, I had to laugh at that one….

  • Anonymous

    omg… David Schwimmer… So sad. That’s what you get from hanging around with Scarbs :-)