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Day 1

I arrived safe and sound in Montreal around 8:30PM yesterday evening, after 9 hours of riding my motorcycle. The motorcycle ride was quite different than what I had expected. My back and buttocks were very sore when I first started out. After around 350Kms, I ended up adjusting my backpack, and that made an astounding difference. It almost felt like I had no backpack on after this much needed adjustment. It took me around an hour just to get out of Toronto, and I took Highway #7 all the way through Ottawa to Montreal, so it was a very long hike. 650kms in total. I actually needed to stop every hour and a half or so just to stretch my legs, it is very sore to keep your knees in a bent position for a long period of time. Each time I stopped and then got back on the bike, I felt like a whole new man.

On the way, I received a wave from a motorcyclist that was passing me in the same direction as me. Why is it that it’s awkward to wave at someone as you’re slowly passing them? When you’re driving in the opposite direction, it’s a quick wave, and the person is gone. But when they’re driving in the same direction it just seems awkward when he waves, then he’s still there, then he’s still there, then slowly he leaves. It’s similar to saying goodbye to someone while walking in the same direction, very awkward. It’s much easier to say goodbye then walk in opposite directions. Also similar to riding an elevator and ending a conversation, then waiting for the elevator ride to finish. There’s those few moments where you’re both standing there staring at the elevator digital numbers praying that those doors will soon open to end this awkwardness.

Anyway, back to the trip. I ended up hooking up with some friends of a friend and they took me out to a bar on St. Laurent. The girls I was hanging out with are Ryerson Fashion graduates. They were cool and fun to hang out with, and some of their boyfriends were there too and they were also fun to hang out with. Montreal is a very laid back place and people are very easy going. Most people just like to have a good time, smoke their cigarettes and drink a beer.

The hostel turned out to be in a very good location, on McKay street, and I shared a room with 2 dudes from Paris, and 1 guy from Brazil. I said my goodbyes to them this morning, and now I’m going to book a hostel in my next undetermined location, and then I will be on my way. I’m thinking about hitting New Brunswick, and Fredericton is probably the closest city in New Brunswick. It will be one hell of a ride. 750 kms or so.

Until next time …

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