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Days 6 and 7

On Wednesday, I rode the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia, it cost me $34 for a motorcycle. I can’t believe people on bicycles only pay $16. My motorcycle is almost as small as a bicycle. But toll booth Susan told me that because it has an engine, it costs $34.

I arrived in Halifax around 6PM and settled into the hostel. The hostel was packed full, and I was fortunate to get a room on such short notice. I think I am the only Canadian in the hostel, most of them are Australian. But Australians are very cool and fun people, and they have a lot in common with Canadians, so it worked out well.

I ended up going out with a few Aussies named Jason, Stuart and Shane. Shane ended up running into his girlfriend, so it was just Jason, Stuart and I hanging out for the remainder of the night. The beer prices in Halifax are unbelievable. It was $1.25 for a glass of Keiths during happy hour at the “Split Crow”. The second bar was the “Dome”, which is an extremely large bar that has multiple floors and multiple bars within itself. It was a Wednesday night and it was packed full. Stuart asked for a pitcher of Keiths, and they didn’t have any pitchers left so the bartender asked if it was okay if she gave us 4 glasses instead. We were very fine with that. She then told us it will be $6. So we were thinking it’s $6 each, but it turns out that the Dome charges $6 for an entire pitcher of Keiths. Insanity. The local girls really love the Australian accents, and the ladies loved Stuart. I have multiple pictures of Stuart with the Nova Scotia ladies. The Aussies have taught me many Australian terms, such as standing in a Que (Also British), going to the bathroom to take a “slash”, etc. Jason has been travelling Canada for a few months already, and he’s going to settle in Halifax for a few months to do some fishing and save some more money. Stuart has been travelling for a while in Canada as well. He was actually in Toronto a couple weeks ago, and he was staying with the daughter of a man who owns “The Butler’s Pantry”. A bar that resides on Roncessvalles Ave. which is very close to my house. I told all the Aussies that if they ever need a place to crash in Toronto, they are more than welcome to take my couch at my house.

On Thursday during the day, I rode an hour outside of Halifax to visit the beautiful town of Lunenburg. Lunenburg is a tourist town that is located on the ocean in a bit of a bay. I did some riding outside of Lunenburg for a couple hours and I rode through many swerving roads along the ocean. The ride was great on a motorcycle. It wouldn’t have been the same if I was in a car or on a bus. After my cruise, I went out on a lobster fishing boat. It was a tour that shows you how they fish for lobster on the sea. I wanted to go whale watching, but there wasn’t enough people to go out, so I just went for the “Lobstermen tour” instead. I met a really cool girl named Kristelle. She was working for the Whale watching company. She is a very artsy girl, and she’ll hopefully be recording her own music cd soon. I told her that when the cd gets recorded, I want her to send me some MP3s. She plays folky style east coast music, and since I’ve been on the east coast, I still haven’t heard any east coast music. The Split Crow had a band playing, but they played mostly rock and roll, although they did play a little bit of Blue Rodeo which was great.

On Thursday night we went out to the Split Crow again, then we went to the Ale House to see another live band. They played a little bit of east coast music, but it was mostly rock and roll music too. I was actually fortunate enough to drink Stella and Leffe at the Ale house, so I was also happy about that.

I’m going to pack up my goods and get ready to head for Fredericton shortly. So far I have done almost 3000Kms.

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