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Small town band: Clemente

Listening to Yahoo! Launchcast, I recently came across a band from a small town in Georgia named “Clemente” and I instantly fell in love with their music. The song I fell in love with is called “Inevetable Plots Tonight”, and can be heard on their album “Teeth Measure the Need” released by Moodswing Records Link.

Clemente has an alternative rock sound, mixed with a subtle country style slide guitar and violin. Their melancholy lyrics along with the transformation from fast to slow makes Inevetable Plots Tonight an amazing song to listen to.

I recently went searching to purchase their cd, and I’ve never had such negative luck in search of a cd before. At first I tried the regular music stores, after this attempt failed, I went on CDUniverse, where a search for Clemente yields nothing relevant, then I attempted to search for the band’s site. I finally found their site link) where they claim that you can order the cd from their record company. After choosing “Order online” and then choosing “Clemente” from the drop down list, a blank page appears.

After this mildly exhaustive search for their cd, I resorted to emailing the band. I received a reply within a day from Jef Siler, one of the 2 creators of the band. He instructed me to send him a cheque for $13, and he will mail me the cd along with a promo cd (As I offered to try to get him some air time on our Toronto radio station).

After I receive the cds, I’ll give the promo cd to 102.1 The Edge Link, and hopefully they will give Clemente some exposure in Canada. I would love for them to play a concert in Toronto some day. I’ll also post a review on their cd after I have listened to the entire cd. But I’m expecting it to be excellent. It’s too bad a search on Kazaa also returns no relevant results.

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