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Abortion, right or wrong? 7

I was reading an article in the Newspaper this morning about a 24-Year-old mother who has been charged with 2 counts of first degree murder for the killing of two of her infant sons. The first son was murdered 1998 when he was 7 months old, and the second murder was in 2002 when he was 9 months old.

For some reason, this got me thinking about my opinion on abortions. Abortion gives a mother the right to kill a child before it is born, but as soon as it’s born, if a mother kills the child, it’s murder and she goes to jail. I understand that the baby hasn’t developed yet, so it’s not really fair to compare these two situations, but I do see a lot of similarities in these two scenarios, with the latter example being a lot more extreme.

With all the birth control methods available out there, I think abortion should be banned. It might make people more conscious about the desicions they make.

7 thoughts on “Abortion, right or wrong?

  1. Melissa Andersen Jan 9,2005 5:07 am

    Agreed! I am a woman and I feel like that is not an appropriate way to get rid of your “mistakes.” Making people more consience of the decisions they are making is more important.
    I actually wrote an article about this on my blog…which I won’t link cause I don’t believe in plugging it that way.
    I like your site, keep blogging.

  2. marybishop Jan 9,2005 4:49 pm

    Well, I disagree. And may I say that I really don’t think men have any right to talk about abortion. Not you and not the pope or george bush. It is purely a woman’s issue.

    I am old enough to remember when abortion and birth control for that matter was against the law. I know of women who died in their bedrooms, hemorrhaging on their little twin bed upstairs in their cozy cape while Mom and Dad watched Ozzie and Harriet on tv.

    A normal woman under normal circumstances will not have an abortion. We are hormonally hard wired to love the fetus almost from the first few days after conception.

    There are occasions though when a pregnancy could damage the woman, her psyche, her body, her life…and it is her choice and hers alone to make if she chooses to end the pregnancy.

    I don’t think you’d like it if a woman told you when where and how often you could have an erection. I don’t think you’d like laws about your erections, ex: taxed for too many in one day. I don’t think you’d like to be told how to resolve your erections. It’s your body, right?

    Well a uterus is inside a woman’s body and it is her choice what she wants to do with what’s inside of her.

    Just ask someone like Andrea Yates whose uterus was controlled by her uber Christian husband what a woman is capable of doing if her uterus is highjacked.

  3. Jim Jan 9,2005 5:41 pm

    Reply to Granny:

    I don’t agree with you that men don’t have any right to talk about abortion. Abortion and birth control is a choice, and often it’s a choice that includes the Male partner in the relationship. It’s not a decision made soley by the woman. I also think that an erection is not a good comparison, because an erection can’t be controlled, if it happens it happens. A pregnancy can be avoided, and it often takes 2 people (Male and Female) to work together to avoid a pregnancy.

    PS: I’m a very liberal person, so this is probably one of the few issues that I am conservative about, but the only situation that I agree with abortion is in Rape situations, because it wasn’t her choice.

  4. marybishop Jan 9,2005 6:48 pm

    I think erections are a good comparison. Just as you have no control over them, a woman has no control over a man’s sperm and her egg uniting. There is no birth control measure other than abstinence that is 100% effective. Sexually mature people, even some very young people, are drawn to is a biological imperative.

    Yes, it takes two to tango, but only one to squeeze out a baby. The man can and often does run away; deny fatherhood, skip child support etc. A man can wonder if he is really the father, but a woman never has that doubt.

    A man who fathers a baby never misses a day of work, nor does his body change in any way. He doesn’t get nauseated nor does he gain weight. No stretch marks, no hormonal changes, no swollen ankles for him.

    It is only the woman who carries the child and as I said before, in most cases a woman won’t end a pregnancy unless she is extremely upset, unstable or too ill to see it through to fruition. That is because biologically and chemically this is her destiny. If she chooses to end a pregnancy she has a darn good reason to do so. So strong a reason it counteracts all these hormones and chemicals which are encouraging her to nurture this potential new life.

    A woman’s body is not anyone’s but hers. Sorry but that’s how it goes.

  5. laurenbove Jan 9,2005 9:46 pm

    I’m with granny… As my husband says: One penis=no vote.

  6. Glen Dean Jan 11,2005 2:03 am

    Even if you can justify abortion, how could anyone justify partial birth abortion where labor is induced to a mother in the 3rd trimester and the babies brains are sucked out? I can’t even understand how 48% of the people in this country could vote for a presedential candidate who believes this grotesque procedure is a right.

  7. marybishop Jan 11,2005 1:49 pm

    Women do not seek *elective* third-trimester abortions. No doctor would perform such an abortion.

    There are, however, extremely rare occasions when women have third-trimester abortions. It is a choice made by the woman and her doctor due to the fact that the fetus has severe or fatal anomalies or because the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life.

    I am very sensitive to this issue as one of my grandchildren was born at 28 weeks. I know what a baby looks like so small and weak. He fought and lived and today he is a wonderful normal big-for-his-age little boy, but, and a big but, if my daughter’s life would have been endangered by this pregnancy and the only way to save her was to perform a so-called partial birth abortion, then I would have wanted her to have that choice. If my grandson would have been born with no quality of life, than I would want his mother and caretake to make that decision, not a politician.

    (I would also like to add that neither I nor my two daughters have ever had an abortion and if abortions were chosen on willy nilly whims, all three of us had reasons why a pregnancy might not have been the most ideal state to find ourselves in.)

    I was 18 with my first pregnancy (too young) and 31 with my second (ended my career). My eldest daughter became pregnant at the end of a crumbling marriage and had a second pregnancy when she was all but disabled with rheumatoid arthritis among other physical ailments and on potent drugs including injectables that could endanger the health and growth of the fetus. My youngest got pregnant 6 weeks into a brand new marriage changing all her plans for college and career, and one year later was pregnant again, causing school and career to be placed on the back burner again.

    Abortion, thank god, was available to my daughters (not to me for my first child) but certainly not a choice a sane, healthy or even semi-healthy, normal woman would or could make.

    I believe in woman and even if you think they aren’t capable of making a decision about a pregnancy, keep in mind that our bodies take care of that for us, flooding us with hormones that make us fiercely protective of our coming young.

    It is extraordinarily unusual for a woman to choose an abortion, and in those extraordinary cases, I would hope she could have it performed in an antiseptic hospital rather than in a back room with a rusty coat hanger.

    But be assured if abortion is outlawed by government it won’t stop abortions. Rich people will always have access to a clean, medical abortion and the poor will go underground and find someone who will do the job, even though they may suffer and die from the procedure.

    Since there are so many living unwanted children waiting to be adopted, it would be wonderful if all the anti-choice people would pledge to adopt 2 or 3 of these unloved, unwanted children and give them a home. I think their time and money would be used for a greater good, protecting the living.

    Thanks for listening.

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