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Tips for Beggars 2

I’m not a professional beggar, but I think I can do a better job than most bums that I encounter asking for money. Sometimes if I’m short on change, I will ask somebody if they can spare a dollar or two. People are very forthcoming with money if their impression of you is that you’re credible and honest. I’ve never had trouble getting money from people when I have needed to, and similarly in the opposite situation where I have given money to someone who appeared to need it for the subway, etc. I very rarely give money to people who stand there begging for change unless they actually do something to earn it.

Here are some tips for beggars:

– Do something to impress or amuse me. Some people play instruments (usually home-made). I’ve seen puppet shows as well.
– Do something for me; hold open the door for me, clean my windshield.
– Tell me why you need it, but be sincere and believable and honest.
– Signs that have funny jokes on them help. Examples:

  • “Need money for beer”
  • “25 cents for good karma”
  • “Haven’t been laid in years, need money for a hooker”


2 thoughts on “Tips for Beggars

  1. islandarts Feb 8,2005 2:56 am

    I heard there is a woman in Ontario somewhere who begs daily- for a living. She lives in a mansion and drives a snazzy newer VW. She usually says its for her and her kids, though she neglects to mention that her kids are grown and moved away from the mansion…
    I only give money to my husband- the only beggar I can keep an eye on.

  2. Jim Feb 8,2005 3:20 am

    I’ve heard that same story on the news. I actually see that lady all the time, she hangs out around the Eaton Centre and hands out these little stickers. I’ve never given her a cent, although she has told my buddies and I that we’re cute a few times. (Trying to get money of course)

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