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World War In Horizon? 5

If things keep heading in the direction they are headed, do you think we may see the world go to war? I surely hope not, but below I have made a list of some of the conflicts I believe are steering the world in the wrong direction.

  • Syria and Iran alliance and nuclear ambitions
  • US Missile Defense program (In my opinion threatens other countries and is a blow to world peace)
  • North Korea nuclear standoff (I think the US would attack North Korea if they had the resources and budget to do so)
  • Russian support for Iran
  • War in Iraq (I believe it drives fear into many countries and encourages them to invest in their armies).
  • Israel and Palestinian conflict (Although as of late, I believe things are starting to slowly head in the right direction. I respect Israel’s freeing of 500 prisoners tomorrow (Link) and I respect the Gaza pullout (Link)
  • The cost of the Iraq war to the USA. This could been seen by hostile countries as a weakness.
  • The lack of NHL hockey. What are we Canadians to do?
  • The bulking up of China’s army
  • Pakistan/India nuclear weapons
  • The re-election of George W. for another 4 years in office


5 thoughts on “World War In Horizon?

  1. Anonymous Feb 21,2005 2:39 am

    read revolations.. all the signs are there…
    *sings.. it’s the end of the world as we know it…..”

  2. WhyNot Feb 21,2005 3:47 am

    I see pretty scary & gloomy days ahead.

    Bush is so obessessed with his crusade he doesn’t see he’s creating world unrest worse than prior to WW2.

  3. Jim Feb 21,2005 4:06 am

    Reply to Whynot:

    I agree.. I just actually added another item to the bottom regarding the re-election of George W.

  4. WhyNot Feb 22,2005 1:46 am

    “added another item to the bottom ”I see that…. but I think the only REAL issue is the hockey one – all the rest can be taken care of with judicial American bombing.

    BTW, what does NHL stand for?

  5. Jim Feb 22,2005 1:58 am

    “BTW, what does NHL stand for? “

    It stands for “National Hockey League”.

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