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Bizarre City Incidents 2

The City of Toronto has experienced some extremely bizarre incidents in the last two weeks. Check out the videos of the first 2 incidents, they are pretty graphical and unedited, so don’t watch if you have a weak stomach.

  • Today a man threatened to kill himself, then poured gasoline all over himself and set himself on fire. This happened 2 blocks from my new place. Full Story Video
  • Yesterday a man holding 2 butcher knifes and taunting police telling them to shoot him was motored down by an officer and pinned against a bicycle stand. This happened right beside my brother’s work. Full Story Video
  • On Sunday, a man threw his 5 year old daughter off an overpass onto a busy highway and then jumped himself. The daughter survived, he didn’t. Full Story
  • On Saturday, a stranger invaded a woman’s house and shot himself. When the woman ran out of her house, she found another man dead inside a strange car parked out front. The police suspect it was a murder suicide. Full Story

The incident with the 5 year old girl is extremely sad and disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre City Incidents

  1. WhyNot Mar 10,2005 4:23 am

    I’m not going to watch the videos, Jim, but that is a strange coincidence of freaky incidents.

    We have our share of weirdos here too.

    Oh well, at least you and us don’t have Bush style mass murderers running our respective countries. Let’s hope it stays this way 🙂

  2. Jim Mar 13,2005 9:13 pm

    It sounds like a lot of this is happening everywhere. I read that there was a shooting in Wisconsin where a man killed 8 people at a church meeting. This isn’t far from where my father lives too, and we just had a discussion a few days ago about how quiet and peaceful it is where he lives 😉

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