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Bush thanks Dad for creating Osama, Saddam 1

… I came across this article today, very entertaining.

Hopeful Current Columbia Policy Will Create Future “Enemies”
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CRAWFORD, TEXAS – Responding to soaring approval ratings following Operation Iraqi Freedom, President George W. Bush called his father, former President Bush, and thanked him for building Sadam Hussein and Osama bin Laden into the terrors they grew to be.

“I think you proved,” said the younger Bush to his father, “that a little American tax-payer money can go a long way toward creating horrible, civilian-killing tyrants that will give me someone to play hero against. By spending yet another $100 billion tax-payer dollars to clean up your mess, losing hundreds more American lives along the way, I really get to look tough and come out with really good numbers in the polls.”

The elder Bush tried not to gloat, but couldn’t hide his pride, both in having financed and advised the buildup on these two butchers, and at having raised a son that can not only use his mess for great political gain, but works to create similar future messes to sustain the party.

“I’ll tell ya,” said George H. W. to his presidential son, “I was worried for a second you were gonna take care of Osama and that Saddam in a way that might actually reduce the problem. But I was so glad to see when you had Osama trapped in Tora Bora, that you didn’t just pop in there with American troops and solve the problem. Instead you followed in your father’s footsteps, choosing to give lots of American taxpayer dollars to butcherous warlords, who of course let Osama slip out the second he showed them a twenty dollar bill. This both kept Osama around as a nemesis you can use for political advantage in the future, and probably gained us some other warlord enemies that can become future Osamas. Very nicely done, Georgie, Jr.”


One comment on “Bush thanks Dad for creating Osama, Saddam

  1. WhyNot Mar 26,2005 4:13 am

    HAHAHAHA!!! Nice one, Jim. I love satires. Very timely too, cuz I’ve been feeling depressed ever since Sarah’s Friday Cat Blogging post.

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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