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More Guns in America to reduce crime? 6

I came across a blog entry today, and it’s likely the most ridiculous posting I’ve seen in a very long time. This blogger says he’s been a broadcast journalist for more than 32 years: “I’ve held every job there is in a radio or television station. I’ve lived and worked all over the world and am presently writing for an international news agency based in Washington, DC.”

He quotes in his article that “More guns result in less crime. Yet liberals can’t see it. They are totally blind to the facts and no matter how much evidence is laid at their feet, they stick their fingers in their ears, squeeze their eyes shut and scream. Sometimes they stamp their feet.”

Apparently he hasn’t check any stats on how many accidental gun deaths there are every year. He doesn’t realize that if more people in the US are carrying around guns, more criminals will get their hands on guns, and the chances of someone losing their temper and using a gun will also be increased. His article states that if “law abiding citizens are allowed to arm themselves, violent crimes go down about 24 percent over the following 5 years”. If everyone in the US was “law abiding” and carried a gun, obviously there wouldn’t be any crime, because everyone abides by the law.

He also states that “Blacks benefit more from gun ownership than whites”, “gun control is sexist”, it’s “a waste of government money” and it’s “dishonest”.

I urge you to view his opinion and tell me what you think. Link

This is the first time I’ve heard someone suggest that the US needs to eliminate gun control in order to reduce its gun murders and violent crimes.

6 thoughts on “More Guns in America to reduce crime?

  1. Agent 47 Mar 15,2005 6:15 am

    since when were accidental gun deaths considered crimes??? i always thought they were ACCIDENTS… but as for the rest of article, yeah, he’s a little off base…

  2. WhyNot Mar 15,2005 8:20 am

    I urge you to view his opinion and tell me what you think

    I see the guys says he’s treated like a rabid dog in town. No wonder. He should go see a vet real quick – rabbies is fatal.

    As to Mr Agent 47, if your perception of shooting someone by “accident” is that it’s quite ok and the law shouldn’t interfere, then it’s little wonder your country has a murder rate 10 times higher than the nearest competitor. Wishing you a long life.

    PS: Jim…. another good contender here 🙂

  3. Jim Mar 15,2005 12:46 pm

    agent47 – Accidental gun deaths are a negative result of having more guns. Some accidental gun deaths are crimes, but not all. It’s something that I think the Lone Ranger should consider when claiming that the world would be a safer place if there were more guns.

  4. Lone Ranger Mar 16,2005 3:01 pm

    Blah, blah blah. OH, there are accidental gun deaths. Let’s BAN guns! Tens of thousands of people die in traffic accidents. Let’s ban vehicles. Children drown in buckets. Let’s stop mopping floors. Planes fall out of the sky, trains crash, coal mines collapse, ships sink. Let’s just stop all human endeavors that result in death and hide under our beds — in our caves. Self defense is not a political right, it is a human right. Forbidding people from defending themselves is a human rights violation. You may be too cowardly to defend yourself, your loved ones and your property, but there are those in this country who are not. Leave us alone. Hide under your bed – in your cave. And here’s a hint. People like I will consider you a lot less stupid if you speak from a position of knowledge rather than emotion. Do the homework assignment I assigned and read, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Pffft. Read. AHHHHAAAHAAHAAA

  5. Jim Mar 16,2005 3:27 pm

    Lone Ranger, do your homework assignment and look at the statistics in the United States. I’m curious, do you not agree that the US has a gun problem? Look at how easy it is to get a gun, look at the murder rate in the US compared to other countries. Obviously if there were no criminals and everyone had guns, there wouldn’t be any crime.

  6. WhyNot Mar 19,2005 1:33 pm

    Lone Ranger,

    I tell you, honest: go see a vet before it’s too late. You’re foaming at the mouth – sure sign the rabbies is getting at the terminal phase.

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