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Humans blindly indulge prepared food 6

Humans are an interesting species when it comes to food. (Don’t worry, I’m talking in third person here; I don’t consider myself to be another species; although some may disagree).

When it comes to food, humans will blindly indulge food that has been prepared for them subconsciously ignoring the ingredients of said food. I have on many occasions found myself to be very conscious of how much butter I’m applying to a bagel when I’m preparing it for myself. When it’s being prepared by a store, I’m intentionally ignorant to the fact that they are applying significantly more butter to my bagel than I would have ever considered applying myself. I eat it, I love it, and I don’t feel guilty about it. The same applies when I’m drinking a Pepsi; I’m ignorant about the amount of sugar in that Pepsi, but if I was at home mixing Kool-Aid, there’d be no way on earth I would wittingly pour in the amount of sugar that the Pepsi corporation would use when preparing its soft drinks.

That’s why most things I buy at a store or a restaurant taste better to me; because the foods are worse for me, and I would feel guilty using the same ingredients when preparing the meal myself. When preparing a homemade pizza, I don’t pour grease into the bottom of the pizza pan. A friend of mine who worked at Pizza Hut would tell you that this is precisely what Pizza Hut does with their pizzas. But we don’t see it; we eat it, and we love it; spoiled as we are.

Long live junk food!


6 thoughts on “Humans blindly indulge prepared food

  1. Secret-Agent Apr 7,2005 12:19 pm

    If you get a chance watch that video called “SUPERSIZE ME” the guy eats McDonalds three meals a day for one month. The documentary is like a horror show.

  2. rizi Apr 7,2005 12:19 pm

    lol really true!
    in india we dont have many junk food outlets….there are a few indian giants…
    US outlets like McDonalds, subway and KFC are also here but not very famous! i personally dont like wat they serve there! we got more tasty stuff – i mean things we make in home and also wat are traditionally available here! i prefer those!
    long live my lean body

  3. adpierin11 Apr 7,2005 12:20 pm

    thanks thanks a lot for that nice picture of the yummy pizza, while I am on a diet….. lol…. it’s a very true post though, I even work at a restaurant and when I eat there I don’t pay attn. to what they do with it, but I only eat salads so it can’t be that bad…. later on i am going to have a post with pics of the beautiful weather we are having 🙂 hehe

  4. Jim Apr 7,2005 12:20 pm

    Reply to: Secret-Agent
    I did have the opportunity to see Supersize me, it was very disturbing 😉 Despite the fact that sometimes I don’t care what contents are in my food, I’m still very conscientious about what types of food I eat in general, so I think I should be okay.. hehe.

  5. Not Jim's Hot Friend... Tee hee... no one will ever know... Apr 8,2005 3:17 am

    Maybe if I got drunk once in a while you wouldn’t all look so ugly to me.. ha ha haaa… just kidding… but seriously have you all thought of wearing a bag over your heads… GOD YOU ARE UGLY!!!! As the expression goes “you can’t handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen!!!!” You make me throw up because you are all so ugly… well see you later you “Indian food eating salad munchers”… oh look at me.. I eat salad… and look at me I live in a foreign country and eat the local food.. YAY!!!! Whatever… *PUKE*… you all make me sick… whassat…. yeah the cheque is in the mail… let’s talk some more there ugly.. c’mon… whass the matter there ugly.. nothing to say… oh… nice witty come back…. why don’t you post some more useless banter… maybe you can use Jim’s page to hook up with some random woman… yeah and maybe those animals your religion doesn’t let you eat will fly… well… you’re ugly and stupid… gotta go!

    Peace out!

  6. n.v. Apr 13,2005 7:32 pm

    Hey, Rizi –

    “rizi” in Assyrian means MY RICE.


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