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I saw you on the TV! 2

The Security guard that works in my building is quite the character. On multiple occasions this man has confronted me in a huff, steam coming out of his ears because he’s mad at something I’ve done. But every single time he does this, about 30 seconds later he’s perfectly fine with what I have done.

For example, tonight I went into the laundry room at 10:50PM this evening to throw in one more load of laundry. The laundry door locks at 11:00, so I figured I could stay a bit past 11:00 as long as I didn’t leave the room. He comes barging into the laundry room having a fit because I was doing my laundry so close to 11:00. So I told him I’m just waiting for my last load to finish. So he says “No man, you just put your laundry in! I saw you. I saw you on the TV.. you just put it in! I saw it on the TV!” So I told him not to worry, I’ll just close the door behind me when I leave since it will only take 20 minutes or so. So then he’s okay with me doing my laundry, and I saw him about 20 minutes ago downstairs and he asked me if my laundry was done and if it went well.

I think it’s hilarious how he makes everything a big deal at first, then it becomes a very small deal after his initial raging rhetoric. My first encounter with him was the night before I moved in, I brought a couple of boxes and he was yelling at me because I’m not supposed to move in after 7PM. I replied “It’s only a couple of boxes man”. Then he became the nicest guy and held the doors open for me.

I think I like him better after midnight because he’s always sleeping at his security desk, so he doesn’t bother anyone.

2 thoughts on “I saw you on the TV!

  1. iBrett Apr 26,2005 11:25 am

    Interesting story – perhaps this man shouldn’t eat after midnight or get wet, at all! 😛

  2. n.v. Apr 28,2005 2:55 am

    Your blog is turning personal, Jim. Me likey.

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