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Much Music Video Awards 2005 4

The MuchMusic Video awards were held tonight, but unfortunately I only have Basic cable so I don’t get MuchMusic on my television. Forutnately I have a perfect view from my patio and the speakers were extremely loud, it was almost shaking my apartment. The bands that played tonight according to the MuchMusic website were: The Killers, Billy Talent, The Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, K-Os, Ciara, Ashlee Simpson and Alexesonfire.

Here is a video of my favourite song by The Killers performed this evening, as well as a rehearsal by The Killers earlier this afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Much Music Video Awards 2005

  1. Jim's Hot Friend Jun 20,2005 1:19 pm

    Yup… that sure looks like a perfect view… if of course by “perfect view” you mean.. “can hardly make out the buildings, let alone the people”…


  2. Jim Jun 22,2005 4:33 am

    Tim, remember those binoculars that you have at your apartment that you brought out when you were looking at the 12 year old girl that was getting changed in the apartment across the road from you? Well maybe you could lend me those binoculars so that next year I can watch the MuchMusic video awards. muahah

  3. Jim's Hot Friend Jun 22,2005 5:22 pm

    Tim… Tim? Who is this Tim fellow you keep mentioning? Well whoever he is he must be dashingly handsome to have such a fine name as Tim.. nice!!!!

  4. paige Sep 26,2005 1:11 am

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