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Today’s lame news 2

I decided to talk about the news today, and how boring it happens to be on this twenty-fifth day of July, two thousand and five.

The top story on CNN today is entitled “Union split over future direction“. I’ve never been a strong believer in unions, so this one pretty much bores the hell out of me. Look what else made the front page on CNN today, “Bachelor’s friends use billboard to find him dates“. Oooohh my! So exciting! I think they should have titled this “Small company exploits employee to market itself”. That’s pretty much what this is, a company exploiting one of their employees to get some media attention. Hey, it worked! Very smart! is probably getting huge hits right now.

Another headline on CNN: “U.S. military admits error in news releases“. These articles aren’t usually printed, and if they are, aren’t they usually at the very bottom of the page?? Must be a slow day, enough said 😉

Let’s jump over to the CBC. Top story: “Discovery on track to launch Tuesday“. So the Discovery launch is more interesting to Canada than the US, eh? It would appear union splits are more interesting to America today. Even the CBC sports section is lacking: “NHL teams reach out to fans“, “Records tumble at aquatic worlds“, and “Jones joining Tiger-Cats: sources“. Boring, boring and boring!

Jumping over to the BBC, there is nothing but articles on terror. I suppose the recent attacks in the UK have warranted this. It sorta reminds me of the US Department of Defense website. Talk about scaring people! Isn’t the department of defense supposed to be defending your country? Here are the titles of 3 articles visible on the main page: “U.S. To Support Egypt as it Confronts Terror“, “Myers: U.S. Must Maintain Will in Terror War“, and “Brothers Fight War on Terror“. Shouldn’t the articles talk about beefing up border security and airport security in the United States?

… and there you have it, today’s lame news!

2 thoughts on “Today’s lame news

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