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Bush’s Asia agenda 1

President Bush is currently on a trip to Asia to promote “Democracy” and “Free Trade”. With China’s growing economy and military, it’s critical that the President jump on the opportunity to have a good relationship with China. It’s a great business opportunity for the United States to take advantage of. On the other hand, China’s economy and military are a threat to the United States; so what better way to address this issue then to visit US’s close ally Japan. A close relationship with Japan helps increase US power against the threat of China. US support of Taiwan allows Bush to promote democracy in China citing Taiwan as an example of a model modern democracy. Supporting Taiwan is a touchy subject in China, so Bush can’t let this get in the way of business discussions with China.

Bush’s Asia trip comes at a time where polls suggest that his support is at an all time low in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, the war in Iraq, and continuous scandals with government officials.

I find it absurd that a President can be impeached for fooling around with an intern, but another can stay in the office for 5 years with disaster after disaster, scandals revealed, corporate conflicts of interest with high ranking government officials and misleading a country to war that will likely end up with a puppet running a country of 26 million people. You can be sure that dozens of US companies will get rich from contracts in Iraq for many years to come. Iraq will turn into a greedy corporate run country. There will be Wal Marts in every town and the rich will get richer. I guess it’s better if a bunch of greedy white Americans get rich rather than one dictator. But how much better is it really? Is it worth the soldier’s lives?

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  1. Semper Fi Nov 18,2005 5:50 am

    I think I’ll buy stock in WalMart…

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