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Black magic and more 2

When I was a kid, I used to love doing magic tricks. I knew a few card tricks, and I even had my own Houdini kits.

A couple weeks ago I went to my cousin Geoff’s place to hang out, and there were a few guys from his band there. When I got there they were already half in the bag and they were playing “black magic”. Well I had played this game as a kid, so I knew exactly how it worked. But Jesse and Geoff couldn’t figure it out for the life of them. They were amazed that I could leave the room, they could pick an object in the room, whisper it in Roddy’s ear and then I could come back in the room and tell them which object was whispered. Roddy would simply point at different objects one-by-one and when he comes across the object that was whispered, I would know that was it.

They were trying to figure out the trick. Maybe it was always the 5th object that Roddy pointed at? Nope, that didn’t work. Even to this day, they still don’t know the trick, and I refuse to reveal the secret. Geoff asked me about a week ago what the trick is. He told me that I’m either going to tell him what it is, or he’ll never ever know. I opted to leave it as a mystery. It makes the game more exciting. A simple Google search would likely reveal the secret, but Geoff is a rock star, not a computer scientist 😉

Tonight while bored studying for my final exams I wanted to play a little magic trick on my brother, but I failed miserably.

He was making grilled cheese sandwiches on the frying pan. So when he went upstairs, I replaced his frying pan with Han’s frying pan and sliced up a banana and put the 4 chunks of banana on the frying pan. I wanted to create an optical illusion and convince Tom that his grilled cheese had turned into a banana.

It didn’t work, he gave me a strange look and called me a weirdo and asked me where the hell his grilled cheese went.

2 thoughts on “Black magic and more

  1. Steve Borthick Apr 9,2006 4:55 am

    You meany, by reading this: I got hurt. Yes, I literally hurt from laughing- my throat is sore. Wow, that was a great reply for him. It seems like something a very bad novelist would put in a book. That’s priceless, I hope you kept a journal entry of that for your sake. Oh man, I’m finally cooling down from laughing. I can’t believe you did that, that’s funny!

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