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Software Engineer top job in America 3

In a recent MONEY Magazine and review of careers, a Software engineer was rated the #1 job in America. Jobs were rated by their growth, pay, stress-levels and other factors.

Here were the top 10 jobs in America including their 10 year job growth and average US salary.

1 Software engineer 46.07% $80,427
2 College professor 31.39% $81,491
3 Financial advisor 25.92% $122,462
4 Human resources manager 23.47% $73,731
5 Physician assistant 49.65% $75,117
6 Market research analyst 20.19% $82,317
7 Computer/IT analyst 36.10% $83,427
8 Real estate appraiser 22.78% $66,216
9 Pharmacist 24.57% $91,998
10 Psychologist 19.14% $66,359

It looks like I’m in the right industry, and in Toronto and around North America, there has been a huge demand for Software engineers recently and it seems to be increasing rapidly.

3 thoughts on “Software Engineer top job in America

  1. Winnie Apr 15,2006 3:44 am

    Call me ignorant, but I never understood the difference between a software engineer and a computer scientist. Except for the ring of course. 😉 My friends are all working for software companies doing the same kind of work with their different degrees… hmm…

  2. Jim Apr 16,2006 6:17 pm


    In the real world, people who graduate from Software Engineering and people who graduate from Comp Sci are usually working at the same jobs. Academically, Software Engineering is supposed to be more of a structured approach to software design and development, whereas Computer Science is more of the lower level look at behind the scenes of a computer program and how programming languages work.

    According to a buddy of mine, most of the courses that he took at Queens University for Computer Science were the same courses that Software Engineers took. Software Engineering is still a relatively new program, so I think it’s still maturing.

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