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Canadians are bad terrorists

As everyone already knows, police have arrested 17 people in an anti-terror sweep in the Greater Toronto Area. This story has headlined in major news agencies all over the globe. Spy and police agencies have been monitoring this alleged terror cell since the fall of 2004, and they finally made the arrest after the RCMP intercepted the group’s request for 3-tons of ammonium nitrate (fertilizer that can be used to build bombs). The RCMP itself delivered the shipment of ammonium nitrate, except they replaced the ammonium nitrate with harmless powder according to the Toronto Star.

That would be a pretty cool job to fill those bags of fertilizer with a harmless powder. I wonder if the workers who had to perform this tedious task knew that they were doing this so that a group of dumb wanna-be terrorists would purchase the fertilizer thinking they could use it to make bombs.

Let’s just face it. Canadians aren’t good terrorists. The training facilities and knowledge just doesn’t exist in our country. The way these “terrorist cells” collaborate and retrieve information is from the Internet. But you can be sure that the RCMP, CCIS, CIA, FBI, SIS/MI6 are going to be monitoring your every move through wired communications.

I’m convinced that these wanna-be’s had no affiliation with al Qaeda, other than what the police described as being “inspired” by al Qaeda. Al Qaeda terrorists would do a better job at covering their tracks and wouldn’t fall into the same trap that these amateurs fell into.

It’s good that these suspected passionate extremists are off the streets, but I suspect the government may have a bit of trouble putting them away for more than just a few years. Canada’s anti-terror laws are still relatively new and un-tested.

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