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Stephen Harper sealing his fate 6

Stephen Harper is sealing the fate of his future as Prime Minister of Canada. As the leader of a minority government, he is already walking on a tight rope. With his support for the Israeli response to the Hezbollah kidnapping as a proportionate response, he is losing the support of many Canadians who are against a Prime Minister who’s merely a puppet for George W.

After the family of 7 Canadians were killed by Israeli bombs on July 16th, Prime Minister continued to stand by Israel for their war and offered little condolence to family of the victims and was borderline disrespectful to the families for his unquestioned backing of Israel.

In the most recent incident in which Canadian UN observer Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener was killed along with 3 others, Stephen Harper went as far as to put the blame on the UN observers by asking why it “remained manned during what is now, more or less, a war”. With the accuracy of Israel precision weapons, it’s hard to understand how they could have bombed a UN building that was clearly labeled and known as a UN building. The excuse that Hezbollah militants are blending in with the UN observers and therefore that makes it a legal to kill innocent civilians by international law will not fly this time.

Wait, I just found an article from my favourite Israeli newspaper entitled “UN observer: Hizbullah using us as shields” that states that the Canadian UN observer Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener had said that the Hizbollah was using the UN post as a “shield”. So there you have it folks. That’s definitely justification from directing a missile at the UN building.

It’s funny how you can spin a story any which way. Another article entitled “German soldier pointing his weapon at Jewish soldier?” will have you believe from the title that Germany too is taunting Israel. Unbelievable. And yet another propaganda article entitle “Syrian reporter: In Syria there is atmosphere of eve of war” that would have you believe that Syrians are ready to start war with Israel. According to this newspaper, it would seem that every country in the Middle East and Europe are terrorists that want to fight Israel. Last week it was the UK and Iran, this week it’s Syria and Germany. I think the US and Israel are becoming the only 2 countries in the world who aren’t “terrorists”. The term terrorist will have a much different meaning in 10 years. It will be a country who blindly flattens cities and buildings and occupies other countries in order to achieve its political goals, justifying civilian casualties because the “terrorists” are among civilians.

One last article suggests that Israel will turn Lebanon cities into “sand boxes” before it invades the cities on the ground, preventing the risk of Israel soldier casualties.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Harper sealing his fate

  1. iBrett Jul 28,2006 1:04 pm

    Thanks for posting the “UN observer: Hezbullah using us as a shield” story. That’s an interesting angle to the story that you are right to point out. I wonder if it will build greater prominence in the mainstream Canadian media, or if they are content to just blindly follow Harper’s take on the situation. There’s got to be more to Annan’s accusation that the attack was deliberate; perhaps this is it.

  2. iBrett Jul 28,2006 10:17 pm

    Another thought: Stephen Harper––as you rightly point out–– is shifting blame to the UN for the death of a Canadian soldier stationed at a UN observer post in Lebanon on the premise that the area is a war region and, as such, the UN should have had its team removed. That premise does raise the question of why, then, didn’t Harper take action to get our soldier out of the region? There is a clear flaw in his strategy here. If he’s successful at blaming the UN, he might find that the blame will eventually deflect from the UN and onto a more suitable place––Harper’s own shoulders. Clearly this strategy was not well thought out.

  3. Jim Jul 29,2006 5:57 am

    Thanks Brett for your insight. You do bring up 2 very important points that aren’t obvious on the surface. The first was that there must be more to Annan’s accusation that Israel deliberately targeted the UN post. Good point, I had only assumed that the reason Annan had presumed this was because Israel uses some of the best weapon technology in the world, and accidentally hitting a target such as the UN is not a very viable excuse. At least in other bombings Israel had admitted to bombing civilians with the justification that the Hezbollah was using the civilians as a shield which apparently made it justifiable to aim for civilian targets.

    You also bring up a great point that Harper as Prime Minister has a duty to protect Canadians, especially UNARMED Canadians on Peace Keeping missions and he failed to do this and even made himself look unsympathetic towards the UN observers that he appears to blame for their own fate.

  4. Wael Hassan Aug 1,2006 2:00 pm

    Lebanese Opinion

    I think that the war that is currently being waged is definitely branded so that the north Americans accept the new colonial power of the united states without question.

    I think that Prime Minister Harper wants his piece of the action, by becoming a world leader. Unfortunately, Harper does not understand that break down of the Canadian society any more. He under estimates the political power of the underdogs in Canada

    In fact the only reason he rose to power is because of the Liberal scandal. But I think that Liberals now are realizing that they have to come back to the roots for which Canadians have elected them

    finally thank you for great article

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