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Starve the population 1

Israel has made a strategic decision to blow up every moving vehicle in Southern Lebanon, despite its purpose, apparently to prevent the transportation of weapons. They have effectively decided to starve Southern Lebanon completely; creating an imminent humanitarian disaster. The UN relief aid for southern Lebanon has been completely frozen as a result of this warning, so once again the innocent civilians that haven’t been able to escape from Southern Lebanon are being held captive by Israel and many will probably die as a result.

I don’t believe the IDF has the ability to defeat the Hizbollah in the long run, despite its optimism that its operations will cease in the near future. Such expectations remind me of the U.S. invasion on Iraq in 2003 when everyone expected that the fighting would cease and democracy would prevail. But as we have seen, the after-effect of the battle has been far more devastating than the original attack and occupation. Israel has underestimated the willpower of its enemy, even though historically Israel was unable to beat the same enemy when it attacked Lebanon in 1982 and was driven out in 2000.

Let’s just say the IDF “accomplishes” its mission to destroy the Hizbollah. Do you think Israel will leave Lebanon? Israel will need to occupy Lebanon in order to prevent any sort of backlash or revenge attacks on Israel, and I doubt Israel will allow an International peace keeping team to do the job. Hizbollah in the meantime will regroup with more fighters who have been enraged by the invasion and occupation or lost their homes or their families and history will repeat itself, driving Israel out of Lebanon again.

Does anyone else agree that if this is the end result, and Israel “successfully achieves its goal”, it has only done a complete circle and not actually achieved anything? Has the decision by Israel to invade Lebanon created any kind of security for the Israelis? I doubt it.

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  1. Canidae Dec 1,2011 12:02 pm

    So, after 5 years from this post, you could say that you were wrong.

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