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Niagara Falls vs. Times Square 4

A Saturday night without a debate wouldn’t be a good Saturday night. This weekend’s debate was intiated by Thy Geoff Star at about 3AM Sunday morning while sitting around at my place.

The question is whether you think that Niagara Falls or Times Square is more well-known throughout the entire world. This includes 3rd world countries; including people who have never seen a TV before.

Geoff thinks that Times Square is better known throughout the world. My argument is that Niagara Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world, so I thought it would be better known; especially outside of the Western world.

I want to know what you all think, so please vote now!! Consider this the official poll. We will tally the votes and either Geoff or I will come out victorious.

(Please vote for Niagara Falls if you know what’s good for ya!)

4 thoughts on “Niagara Falls vs. Times Square

  1. Anonymous Sep 27,2006 9:20 pm

    barry says,Niagara Falls.
    I think Times Square has gotten a lot of attention since foreign countries started to get US programs or news on TV.20 years ago,they wouldn’t have known Times Square at all,but Niagara Falls was always well known through books,etc

  2. sis Sep 27,2006 11:31 pm

    Well bro & dad, I’m going to have to go with Times Square…simply because I can’t name hardly any of the other ‘wonders of the world’ and I’m not sure who else can!

  3. Jim Sep 29,2006 1:11 am

    Wow, 2 votes! And they are both family members!

    This has to be the most popular blog on the Internet with that kind of traffic!

  4. NABH May 30,2011 9:58 am

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