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Ryerson’s new High Tech campus 3

Last night and tonight I started my Winter classes at school. Each of the 2 classes I’m currently taking are inside the new high tech business building that was just recently opened beside the Eaton Centre at the corner of Bay and Dundas in downtown Toronto. (For those of you who aren’t from Toronto, this is in the same area as “Dundas Square“, Toronto’s knock-off of “Times Square”.

The building is pretty amazing. It features 210,000 square feet of space, with 70 foot high ceilings and a large outdoor terrace in the middle of the building. According to the Ryerson University website, the building was partially funded by a 12.5 million investment by the Ontario government, and the projected cost to the University is 75 million dollars.

At class tonight, Toronto’s diversity was very evident. There were just less than 40 people in the class, and out of the 40, there were only 3 visibly of Western descent. It’s great to be surrounded by such diverse cultures and people. To me it’s a great way to learn about different parts of the world, as I was sheltered from this growing up in a small town.

Cities like Toronto and New York set a great example for how people from all different backgrounds can live together in harmony, or as John Lennon said “Living as One”.


3 thoughts on “Ryerson’s new High Tech campus

  1. iBrett Jan 10,2007 5:42 am

    Good luck with your classes, Jim.

    I agree with your sentiments, too. Diversity is great, and in the post-secondary education enviroment, diversity certainly enriches the experience for all.

    The Ryerson Campus looks really nice from the image your posted.

  2. Crankyputz Jan 10,2007 3:04 pm

    Seen the building its nifty, have you been to salad king yet? If I had known about Salad king, I would never have even considered UFT>

  3. Anonymous Feb 12,2007 4:44 am

    Diversity is great — as long as Moslems are out of it.

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