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Bomb plot puts damper on NHS 2

The bomb plot that unfolded in Britain this weekend puts a damper on the British National Health Service. This is a form of irony that even Michael Moore couldn’t have predicted. In the movie Sicko, Michael Moore applauds the British National Health Service for providing free Universal Healthcare for all Brits.

But who would have known that the latest terrorist plot in the UK would involve at least 6 Doctors who were actively employed by the British Health Service.

While the story is still unfolding I’m again amazed by the creativity of the bombers. What better way to inflict mass murder on the United Kingdom than to study medicine for half your life, use your medical degree to get a job in the UK, and then blow yourself up in a car bomb.

It’s too soon to say how long these guys had been planning this, but regardless of the outcome it goes to show how much will, determination and patience amongst other things these bombers possess in their quest for revenge on Western powers.

2 thoughts on “Bomb plot puts damper on NHS

  1. Crankyputz Jul 4,2007 4:06 pm

    I love that the news is now calling for stricter immigration rules for doctors…as if the medical profession is the root cause…

  2. Jim Jul 4,2007 6:04 pm

    lol, I find it funny how the true root cause always eludes the media.

    To look at the root cause is equivalent to admitting fault or taking some blame for creating the terrorists.

    So the solution instead is to try to kill them all. Great plan!

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