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FOX News Attacks Iran 2

MoveOn.Org posted a video on YouTube that compares FOX News’ campaign against Iraq before the invasion in 2003 to the current campaign against Iran in 2007. It’s a little too flattering to give FOX News full credit for the war in Iraq. FOX News is quite simply a propaganda medium for the GOP.

Although I’m sure a lot of FOX News employees and viewers would love to invade Iran, it’s unfortunately not that simple. The purpose of the current focus on Iran is more to create a distraction from the current problems in Iraq.

Remember when you were a kid and you took something apart and got frustrated when you tried to put it back together? And then you moved on to a new project without finishing the first one? That’s a bit like what we have in the Middle East right now. Iraq is like a TV that we’ve ripped apart into a thousand little pieces. We didn’t mark the pieces or keep track of where they came from, so we’re having trouble putting it back together. So we look across the room and see a Computer Monitor (Iran) and decide to take it apart instead of bothering to try and put the TV back together.

Despite the will of the Administration, invading Iran would be strike 3 for the Bush Administration, and everyone in the Administration knows it. The U.S. is at least 1-2 years away from having any sort of capacity for taking on Iran, and by then there will be a Democratic President in Office, so war with Iran is very unlikely.

So although FOX News loves to talk about the “imminent” threat that is Iran, the Government isn’t foolish enough to start a new war right now, and the people aren’t naive enough to support another war (I hope).

2 thoughts on “FOX News Attacks Iran

  1. Crankyputz Nov 2,2007 8:00 pm

    Strike 3, lol I can’t see the poor fellas even thinking of doing it….

  2. Jim Nov 2,2007 10:58 pm

    Make no mistake CP, they would love to do it.. and they have thought about it.. and they are thinking about it 😉

    But doing is different than wanting.

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