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2008: The Year of the Rat 2

Welcome 2008! This is my third year of making predictions and resolutions in the New Year (See 2007, 2006). This year is the Chinese Year of the Rat.

“Rat has strong associations with material success such as wealth and other luxuries of life. It is their aggression, charm, hard work, discipline and passionate nature that gives an edge to their persona in comparison to others. There are good chances of Rats being wealthy and professionally successful in their lives. They are quick, energetic and mold themselves easily according to the situation, which makes them excellent problem solvers too. Unlike most of other zodiac signs, Rats believe in having a handful of friends, but they share a special bonding with all of them. (See the full description).”

First I’ll address last year’s resolutions and predictions. I met most of my resolutions in 2007, although I still need to devise a better plan to set aside money every pay cheque for needy people. Regarding my predictions, some came true while others did not. The US did in fact send more troops to Iraq and the violence did peak in the summer and then began to reduce, but I don’t believe they have begun to withdrawal troops as I had predicted would happen by November 2007. An election didn’t happen in Canada this year (contrary to my prediction), Iran did in fact continue to taunt the US, North Korea decided to disband its nuclear weapons (although the 6-nation talks weren’t required), bin Laden wasn’t caught, and there was no terrorist attack on Toronto, although the Toronto Police did seize 3 bombs this fall where they performed a controlled detonation near Lake Ontario.

2008 Resolutions:

  • Spend lots of time at home and have friends over often
  • Continue practising and learning more Chinese
  • Eliminate my growing beer belly
  • Become more involved in my company’s operational processes
  • Take Han to visit my father in the spring

2008 Predictions:

  • Iraq: Violence will be steady, a small troop reduction will occur but a major troop reduction won’t happen until after 2008
  • Afghanistan: A major assassination will occur with an ally and the U.S. and allies will increase the number of troops in Afghanistan
  • Canada: Stephen Harper will retain his position in office this year and his approval rating will rise this year
  • Iran: A small battle will occur against Iran by either a small group of US forces, or Iraqi forces but a major war won’t be waged against Iran in 2008
  • Bin Laden: Bin Laden will continue to release videos but his health with degrade in 2009. But he won’t be caught
  • United States: Hillary Clinton will very very narrowly beat Barak Obama in the Democratic nomination Primaries and will beat a republican nominee in the 2008 election by approximately 5% to become the 44th President of the United States of America.
  • Wayne Gretzky: Wayne Gretzky will make a major announcement that will rock the hockey world
  • Pakistan: Musharraf will retain a small portion of power after the February elections, but a new leader will emerge who isn’t a US-ally, prompting the US to consider secret intervention. Violence will continue but a civil war won’t break out.
  • Mick Jagger: Something bad will happen to Mick Jagger this year

2 thoughts on “2008: The Year of the Rat

  1. sis Jan 4,2008 1:42 am

    No, not Mick!!! How would I survive?? What would I do without my daily Rolling Stones merchandise store emails, how could I live without Rolling Stones wine, or ice trays??

  2. Jim Jan 4,2008 2:47 am

    Oh Kel don’t worry, you will still get your daily Rolling Stones e-mails regardless of the fate of the members of the band.

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