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Sustainitiatives: The Beer Store Corporate Environmental Responsibility 4

Since I’ve been on the topic of environmental responsibility lately, I might as well share with you a great example of how Corporations can be great stewards in helping the environment.

In Ontario, we have to purchase our beer in special “Beer Stores”. These stores only sell beer and accessories related to beer. The Beer Store is the perfect example of how a company can do its part in acting responsibly towards the environment. Ever since I was a kid in the 1980’s, it was always a tradition to go to the beer store with my Dad and bring back the empty beer bottles.

The Beer Store recovers over 98% of everything it sells; including bottle caps, bags, cardboard, cans and bottles. Environmental Leadership is a core value of The Beer Store, and they have offered the bottle return service since 1927. That is 80 years of recycling! It amazes me and makes me feel proud that there are responsible corporations out there.

Here are some neat facts about The Beer Store’s environmental record:

  • In 80 years, they have diverted approximately 70 billion beer bottles from Ontario landfill sites – enough to stretch to the moon and back approximately 25 times
  • Pioneered the first returnable bottle system in 1927 – a user-pay system paid for by beer customers for beer consumers
  • System-wide recovery and re-use rate of 99 per cent for the industry standard bottle, which are reused 12 to 15 times
  • Picks up over 100,000 tonnes of beer packaging each year from over 17,500 licensed establishments

So there is still hope out there that we can change our ways, and The Beer Store case study highlights the impact that a responsible corporation can have on the environment.

4 thoughts on “Sustainitiatives: The Beer Store Corporate Environmental Responsibility

  1. iBrett Jan 28,2008 12:34 am

    That’s a strong environmental record, indeed. I never before gave it much thought, but there can be no doubt that the Beer Store is a pioneer of recycling–80 years is a lot of recycling.

    I like as well the hint of nostalgia that comes from your writing on a tradition with your dad. I enjoyed a similar tradition with my own father and smiled to myself as I read that bit in your post.

  2. Anonymous Jan 28,2008 1:09 pm

    barry says,
    i’m glad you didn’t mention the real reason he took you to the beer store!!

  3. Anonymous Jan 28,2008 2:03 pm

    Freddy asks,
    What was the real reason you took your son to the beer store. Just curious.

  4. Anonymous Jan 28,2008 5:47 pm

    i think he was getting more beer

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