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Frustration and Insomnia 2

I reserve the right to use the Urban Country as a place to vent my frustrations once every year. Tonight is that night. Being unable to get to sleep for the last hour, I feel like my mind is racing with hundreds of sheep jumping over fences and on top of each sheep is a task that I was supposed to do but I haven’t done yet.

With less than 4 hours before I have to wake up to catch a flight, ventilating here was my last chance at relieving my stress and presenting the possibility of falling asleep at last.

Among the things that are keeping me awake, the most prominent are:

  • The status report I was supposed to send out
  • The timesheets that I was supposed to submit
  • The thought of working in the hotel room after working for 9 hours after traveling for 6 hours after sleeping for 4 hours
  • The sore throat that never seems to go away
  • The Discussion Web Part I’m supposed to finish for the KHP project
  • The new content management system I’m supposed to deploy internally
  • The hours I’m supposed to make up on the plane tomorrow because I was in meetings all day Friday
  • The apartment in Calgary I’m supposed to find
  • The new blog I’m supposed to write
  • The new project I’m supposed to kick off

Well, it did feel good to get some of that out of my system. I’m hoping all my whining will pay off with a good night’s sleep and maybe a few more hairs on my head tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Frustration and Insomnia

  1. sis May 12,2008 7:51 pm

    I guess I shouldn’t have made you go out Sat night… 🙁

  2. Jim May 12,2008 11:33 pm

    No sis, not your fault. Sunday night is the night where I start planning my week and I was stressed over everything I realized I hadn’t done yet. Tonight I plan to have a good sleep to make up for it.

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