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One thing that has frustrated me in the last while at work is the amount of emails that get sent every day. The amount of time it takes to go through emails is very substantial when you consider the average benefit to actually receiving an email. On a normal busy day, I will easily receive ...

Launching 2

I have spent a large portion of my weekend so far on the launch of This one is for my family and buddies who live in the Niagara Region. There aren’t any decent free classified websites in the Niagara Region, so we have created as an extension to I’m hoping people in ... PR

Our advertising campaign is starting to pay off. We noticed an increase in traffic today and to our surprise, we found a picture of our poster displayed on a “medium-sized pro-blog city site” called He probably saw our poster in a bus shelter, and thinking that might be a wannabe, ...

Discount Airline Strands Passengers 3

Canada’s 3rd largest airline Jetsgo is seeking court protection from its creditors after announcing that it is ceasing operations. 17,000 passengers are stranded at one of the busiest travel times. Passengers entered the airport only to find that the kiosks were abandoned, the computers were removed, and the website wasn’t responding. Full Story: Link ... 3

A friend and I have been working on a side project that offers local classified ads for the Toronto area. This is a pilot that will hopefully allow us to eventually expand to other areas. We’ve decided to launch the site this evening, so feel free to check it out and let me know what ...