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Spare some change? 4

Today I spent the better part of my day sorting and rolling years of coins I’ve been saving in a “piggy bank”. My plan was always to use this change to pay for a flight to Europe or a flight to Asia.

Well I figured that money is probably better off in a real bank so I can start earning a little bit of interest, so I decided to roll it all up today. Here are the results:

Pennies (1 cent) – 2650 x $0.01 = $26.50
Nickels (5 cents) – 686 x $0.05 = $34.30
Dimes (10 cents) – 1268 x $0.10 = $126.80
Quarters (25 cents) – 1100 x $0.25 = $275.00
Loonies (1 dollar) – 217 x $1.00 = $217.00
Toonies (2 dollars) – 129 x $2.00 = $258.00

Grand total: $937.60 (If you’re thinking about robbing me on my way to work tomorrow, good luck. I’ll just whack you with the 50 pound bag of change) 😉 See below for some pictures.

On a separate note, I was playing paintball yesterday and as I was crawling on my stomach on the ground to avoid being hit, I accidentally pulled the trigger and unloaded 4 rounds of paint balls on Stu’s ass at point blank. He was only 8 feet in front of me, also laying on his stomach, so it must have hurt like a son of a bitch. I felt bad for the poor fellow; wish I could somehow make it up to him.





4 thoughts on “Spare some change?

  1. iBrett Oct 23, 2006 12:47 pm

    Wow. That’s an impressive display of coinage. I always find that rolling change is like stumbling upon money that wasn’t yours in the first place. I deposit my coins in my piggy bank, and then I roll them every few months. Usually I roll about $30 to $40, which I turn into real (or paper) currency and enjoy a bit of extra spending money that week.

    Your plan, to save for a flight to Europe, is a much better idea, and it has obviously beared more fruit. Good luck hauling that heavy bag to the bank tomorrow.

    Nice bar and sofa, btw.

  2. Jay Oct 25, 2006 11:04 am

    How many hours did it take you to roll all of that? I used to roll coin every few months but I hate the dirty feeling my hands always got. Now I just dump my coins on the floor of the car, and away we go.

  3. Jim Oct 25, 2006 1:43 pm

    Jay, it took me several hours. I’m thinking it probably took a total of about 6 hours. I washed my hands about 50 times during that 6 hours, my fingers became black very quickly, it’s pretty gross. Maybe that’s why I waited so long to do it 😉

  4. Anonymous Oct 26, 2006 5:27 pm

    Hey that’s my change!!!!

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