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Hola Puerto Rico! 3

I don’t want to waste too much time on the Internet, since the weather is absolutely gorgeous out here and I want to get back to the Ocean to body surf the waves, so I’m just going to post a few pictures of the trip thus far.

Most of these pictures were taken yesterday. We overtook an outdoor beach bar after it had closed, brought our own beverages and I became the bartender. Last night we had about 30 people show up at my bar (I named the bar “Turd Ferguson’s”). We were sitting there at one point, and without any warning, we looked over and saw our buddy sitting at the bar completely naked. So we were saying “Oh my god!”. So he stands up, walks over to us (totally naked) and says “What seems to be the problem over here”. After about 30 minutes of being completely naked, I gave him a plant leaf to cover himself up, it seemed to work out very well.

I won $400 at the casino last night, so we’re hoping to go downtown San Juan Thursday night to spend it. More photos and stories will follow when I return. 

puertoRico1  puertoRico2  
puertoRico3  puertoRico4  
puertoRico5  puertoRico6

3 thoughts on “Hola Puerto Rico!

  1. Anonymous Jan 19,2005 12:49 pm

    From:Barry. Most of your pictures are great,except for a couple bad ones!How is mini-me aka Tom doing?I am jealous.It was -14 degrees(F)here when I saw your pictures!

  2. scarbs Jan 21,2005 6:36 pm

    hahahaha I Love the photos hope your trip is going awesome, I can tell it is!! Cant wait to hear all the stories!!

  3. Jim Jan 23,2005 1:27 am

    I removed a couple pictures for many different reasons, but I hope you enjoy the new pictures I just posted this evening.

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