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Sleep talking 5

Have you ever woken someone up, and they start talking to you about the things that they are currently dreaming about?

I woke my brother up last night when his friend called him, and here was our conversation:

Tom “Is it okay if I put this here?” (Pointing at his bed).
Jim “Is it okay if you put what here?”
Tom (Points at his bed again) “This”
Jim “What???”
Tom “Is it okay if I put this cot here?”
Tom (Starts looking around his room with very puzzled look on his face)
Jim “What are you talking about?”
Tom “Never mind. Forget about it”

So I put two and two together and realize that he thinks we’re still at the hotel that we slept at last night in Chicago where we ordered a cot for our buddy to sleep on. We had a good laugh about it later on.

Another instance in which this occurred was when I woke my roommate up a while back and he started talking to me about computer hardware. We laughed about this for weeks because we knew he loved his old computer parts but we never thought he actually dreamt about them.

5 thoughts on “Sleep talking

  1. Anonymous Jan 23,2005 3:28 pm

    Hey Jim…
    Sorry to hear about your delay in Chicago.. you’ll have to fill us in on the details… However, glad to hear you made it safely…
    I was very amused with the sleep talking story. Tell your brother hello from us.
    Keep in touch,
    Joel and Natasha

  2. Anonymous Jan 23,2005 3:58 pm

    oh could i add a ton of stories
    so when are you going to join ak and myself in that pool of gello??

  3. Jim Jan 23,2005 4:05 pm

    Good to hear from you Joel & Natasha. I assume your flight went well.

    Talk to you guys soon!

  4. Jim Jan 23,2005 4:08 pm

    Reply to Godsmack: I ate all the jello already, so you’ll have to use mud this time

  5. Anonymous Jan 24,2005 3:02 pm

    hmmm..quite interesting…
    i do hear friends talkin in sleep and mostly they talk abt wat happened in immediate past!! i too do it sometimes….lol
    i think he was still asleep when that happened!! did u ask him whether he remembered the incident after he woke up?? mostly he wud have forgotten it

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