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Happy V-Day 2

I just returned from a 3 night trip to Montreal, Quebec. I brought my buddy Steve and we were visiting my other buddy Tim. Tim is working as a consulting there for a couple months, so we stayed in his company paid hotel room. It was a lot of fun, but it’s very cold there.

Today was our last day there and before Steve and I left, we purchased some rose petals and spread them all over Tim’s bed (while he was at work). Then we took some heart shaped candies and wrote “I *heart* Tim” with an arrow going through the heart. It was pretty funny. We were looking for a practical joke to play on Tim because he’s not easily ‘shocked’, but I just received a phone call from Tim and he said he was laughing his head off when he saw it. Hence, he was very ‘shocked’.

I wanted to wish all my friends and family a Happy Valentine’s Day. Especially my dear Mommy whom I hope to see very soon!

I also wanted to wish my TBlog valentine a very Happy Valentine’s Day as well. Her online name is adpierin11 and her real name is “Erin”. She’s a very sweet girl from Florida, and I feel very special to have her as my Tblog valentine!


2 thoughts on “Happy V-Day

  1. Jim's Hot Friend Feb 15,2005 11:32 pm

    It’s true, I was shocked… I’m surprised that Steve didn’t take a pic. of the finished work… I would’ve taken a pic, but my camera battery gave out… I actually brought my charger with me… so I could have recharged… but I wanted to… ummm… use the bed… uhhh… for… looking… at… ummm… a video…. uhhh… I gotta go.


  2. Jim Feb 16,2005 6:04 am

    Reply to Jim’s hot friend:

    Actually, Steve took 3 pictures from 3 different angles.. haha.. I just didn’t get the pics from him yet.. I’ll post them when I do get them 😉

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