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Why I hate shopping at the Gap 5

I went to Gap today to purchase a pair of jeans. Here are the top 5 reasons I hate shopping at the Gap

5. The $15 discount on the jeans didn’t seem to make a difference because of the 15% tax that was charged anyway..
4. The guy working the cash register folded my clothes like it was some kind of school art project.
3. The guy in the change room’s voice sounded like he had just inhaled helium
2. The length is never right. 32inches is too short, 34 inches is too long. Can’t they make 33??
1. When I finally found the pair of jeans I liked, they had a button up fly. This was cool in Grade 10, is it back now???

5 thoughts on “Why I hate shopping at the Gap

  1. Anonymous Feb 11,2005 5:05 am

    oh just imagine the fun you will have when drunk with a pair of buttonflys..hahahahaha

  2. islandarts Feb 11,2005 6:01 am

    That whole folding thing drives me insane, I want to take a hammer to their fingers when they start that.
    Button flys are the best!! Did they ever go out??

  3. Jim Feb 11,2005 12:49 pm

    Reply to godsmack & islandarts

    I’m not sure if button flys have been around, but I haven’t purchased a pair in years. I always found it to be a pain when I’m in a hurry.

  4. Anonymous Feb 11,2005 7:38 pm

    I concur, button fly jeans are just a total waste of time. Why must people insist on trying to make men’s life more difficult. Pants are overrated anyways. However I would love to see Scarbs’ try and get a button fly done up when hes drinking, $20 says after the first bathroom trip, those jeans would be undone the rest of the night. SCARBS FOR LIFE!

  5. Anonymous Feb 28,2005 4:05 am

    How about some nice Velcro? That would make a functional fly, no?

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