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Rougin’ It 3

This weekend was quite a change from my normal life. I went kayaking/camping near Kingston, Ontario. There was a mix-up on Friday night and I wasn’t able to get to the campsite until the morning, so I ended up arriving in Kingston around 12:30AM, went to a bar for 15 minutes, drank two beers and then drove to a rest stop off the 401 and slept in the back of the Jeep. At first it was uncomfortable, but then I found the optimal sleeping position. My dog Mojo was with me, but she didn’t sleep very well because she woke up every time she heard a truck drive by.

We ended up portaging the canoes/kayak approximately 4KMs in 2 days, and canoeing/kayaking an estimated 30-40Kms as well. We came home a day early due to weather conditions. Saturday night was cold and wet, especially with a sleeping bag that doesn’t zip shut and I was using sweatshirts as a pillow but my clothes were pretty wet, so it was a little uncomfortable 😉

In other news, I broke open my piggy bank and counted $497.60.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:







3 thoughts on “Rougin’ It

  1. iBrett May 24,2005 12:11 am

    This sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. The water in your shots looks wonderful – though I bet the water was really cold. Mojo looks very comfortable in the front of your kayak – that’s really cool that you take him along for the trip (and out on the water).

    Sadly, Mojo’s weekend was better than mine!

  2. Anonymous May 24,2005 3:46 am


  3. n.v. May 26,2005 8:17 am

    Mojo looks weirded out!

    She looks cute sticking out of the car like that.

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