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Insincerity and heartache 3

What are you supposed to believe when a person you really care about appears to be sincere but their actions don’t reflect what they say? Is everything supposed to be fine the next day when they act like nothing happened, not realizing what pain they’ve put you through? It’s amazing how much impact a person you care about can have on your feelings and how your day can be completely ruined by their actions. Life would be so much easier if you could ignore your feelings and forget about it. But it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, it’s very hard to ignore your feelings. Going to sleep is one option; you might feel a bit better in the morning. But at some point, when their actions are reoccurring, you have to look down the road and realize that all might be well this week, but it will happen again.

What are you supposed to do when you really care about someone, but they put you through heartache? Do you just move on? Ask them to change? Or do you just accept it? Do the good things in the relationship trump the occasional heartache and frustration?

3 thoughts on “Insincerity and heartache

  1. Sis Jun 27,2005 8:11 pm

    Only if you want my opinion…

    Do you just move on, ask them to change or just accept it? Move on, no question.

  2. Yogurt Raisins Jun 28,2005 10:11 pm

    You can’t ask people to change because it just doesn’t work like that. Change comes from within.

    In addition to (a) moving on or (b) accepting it, maybe you need to (c) understand it.

    No one will ask you to stay if you don’t want to. Good things don’t trump the occasional heartache and frustration.

    Knowning you … it doesn’t matter what people say or even what you think the solution is. You just always do what feels right.

  3. Jim Jun 29,2005 6:19 am

    Thanks Yogurt, I have to agree with you on that one; I think I do what I feel is right.

    I think if two people care for each other enough, they would be able to overcome it if they put their mind to it.

    Thankfully things are much better now and hopefully on the right track.

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