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The right person 1

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she had a different perspective on relationships and finding the right person. Her view is that every person is compatible with a million other people in the world and you could potentially be happy with any of them. So the idea is there isn’t necessarily just one person out there that you’re “meant” to be with. (ie: fate). She believes that when you find someone you’re compatible with and you enjoy being around, it’s how you deal with issues with the person and whether you’re willing to put in the effort to make it work. Sometimes you even need to make sacrifices for the sake of avoiding a pointless argument; even if you know you’re right. There will always be people out there that you may never be able to get along with, but when you find someone you care about it’s all about how you deal with them that will dictate whether you can sustain the relationship.

If you find someone that you really do care about, sometimes it’s just putting in the extra effort to make it work and if that effort isn’t applied by both individuals it will likely not work out. So sometimes when you think the grass is greener, consider that even though the grass may appear to be greener on the other side you’ll still need to put in the effort to sustain the relationship no matter who that person is or how perfect everything may seem.

… and if you do decide not to put the effort in, then don’t be upset that things didn’t work out or try to blame the other person because you always have a choice.

…. okay, that’s enough mushy boring stuff for a while…

One comment on “The right person

  1. Danielle Oct 3,2005 3:01 am

    I (pretty much) agree with your friend.

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