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Talking on cell phones while driving 1

In response to my buddy iBrett‘s posting on talking on cell phones while driving, I have put together a list of reasons why I think that talking on cell phones while driving is dangerous and should be avoided. I’ve seen the outcome of people talking on their cell phones first-hand, and I’m also guilty of talking on my cell phone sometimes while driving too. I think headsets make a cell phone much less of a distraction.

My Top 7 reasons it’s dangerous:

1. When a girl calls and is talking dirty to you in a sexy voice you will be distracted from the road. Very dangerous!

2. Dialing on a cell phone, or finding the hang up button, etc. definitely takes your vision off the road. Sometimes people look down at their phone when dialing and when they look back up they might not be in between the lines. I’ve seen this happen many times.

3. Text messaging – self-explanatory – very dangerous

4. Holding your phone with one hand means 1 less hand on the wheel. It’s obviously harder to react quickly with one hand than with two hands on the wheel. Remember in driving school they taught us to drive at 10 and 2? I’m sure they had a reason for that.

5. Checking your blind spot – sometimes the phone prohibits you to turn your head properly to check your blind spot because of the awkwardness of holding the cell phone.

6. Shifting gears – self-explanatory – Cars that are standard are much easier to drive with 2 hands than one. Try talking on your phone while accelerating, turning a corner, and shifting into second gear all at the same time. I’ve done it; it’s very awkward.

7. Cell phone in pocket – Sometimes your cell phone will be in your pocket and when it rings or vibrates, you want to get it out of your pocket fast to answer it, so you might take off your seat belt or take your eyes off the road to do this.

One comment on “Talking on cell phones while driving

  1. iBrett Aug 31,2005 1:44 pm

    Hey Jim,

    Sorry for the delayed response – long hours at work has prevented me from blog surfing.

    I can’t deny that cell phones act as a distraction to drivers – and you make all very good points in this regard in your list. But, I’m still left to wonder if cellphone users are not the victom of a device that is vulnerable to criticism because of its high-visibility. 🙂

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