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Running Group banned from marathon 1

A popular Torono women’s running group “JeansMarines” has been banned from taking part in the 2006 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington. Apparently the founder of the group Dr. Jean Marmoreo led her group through a shortcut to cut of 6.4 kilometres of the race this year.

Her runners made it to the finish line and accepted the “finisher’s medal” given by the Marine Corps to all who complete the course. (Most of those medals, apparently including Marmoreo’s own, have reportedly been returned.)

I can’t believe a running group would go through such measures to cheat on a marathon. To me, competing in running races is totally for myself. I set a goal to finish the race and do the best I can. I couldn’t imagine cheating on a race, because I think I’d feel like I was cheating myself. If there was money involved, I can understand how people might become greedy, but cheating on something you’re doing for yourself can only make you feel worse about yourself.

One comment on “Running Group banned from marathon

  1. Anonymous Nov 23,2005 1:03 pm

    barry says,
    I once was in the Blossom Run in Niagara Falls.It was a 10k run and I think a 3 or 5k walk.This guy I knew went in the walk and he bypassed a large part of the route.Everybody in our group knew what he did (he bragged about it)and then he found out he won the 1st place trophy.I asked him if he was going to decline the trophy,but he said “no way”.I couldn’t believe how proud he was taking the trophy,while some other poor person who deserved it got nothing.Meanwhile,I had run my butt off for 10k and finished 4th in my age group and there was no trophy past 3rd place.I was so mad a slacker like him could walk home with a trophy and be proud of himself.I guess the moral of this story is that it takes all kinds of people to fill this earth!

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