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I’m not corrupt … 1

… and I’m your only other choice.

This seems to be the basis of Stephen Harper’s platform. I could have made a better commercial with my digital camera than the Conservative Party has done. I think the commercial cost them about $50 to make. The commercials are set to make the Liberals out to be corrupt, without even discussing what the Conservatives will do differently. The basic message is: the Liberals are corrupt; Canada needs a change. Stephen Harper is your only other option.

Despite the Conservatives crappy commercials, I enlightened myself by visiting their website to see what their platform really is. If I limited my exposure to only the TV commercials and the debates, I’d say the Conservatives don’t have a platform except to mock the Liberals mistakes. Their main platform seems to be giving money back to Canadians by cutting taxes, subsidizing public transit, and beefing up the military. They are also supporting the US Missile Defense initiative (in which I strongly oppose), but they are staying out of Iraq. For years after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, Stephen Harper strongly opposed Chretien’s decision not to commit troops to Iraq, but I think Harper loses credibility for supporting the war and criticizing the Liberal government, and then deciding not to join the war if he wins office. He’s obviously made a political decision to do this to win votes because most Canadian’s don’t support the war in Iraq.

Reading Harper’s biography, he doesn’t have a lot of experience and he doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments under his belt. He worked as a member’s assistant and policy advisor before being elected to parliament in 1993. He’s also a member of the Queen’s Privy council for Canada and he is a Member of Parliament for Calgary Southwest.

One thing the 2 main opponents in the election don’t realize is that they are not the only choice. In recent polls, the Liberals and Conservatives are very close at just above 30 percent, and the NDP is just under 20 percent. The people of Canada may realize that they do have more than 2 choices. When looking at the choices, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the NDP hit 23% by election-time.

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  1. Sis Jan 7,2006 2:20 pm

    Keep the election stuff coming…it’s useful for someone like me who’s too lazy to do their own research.

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