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Invisible male buffer space

This weekend I played in a hockey tournament, playing 3 games today and 1 game yesterday after writing 2 exams. I’m extremely exhausted both mentally and physically, and I could barely keep my eyes open while driving home tonight.

But I wanted to mention one thing I noticed while showering with other men at hockey this weekend. When you shower with other guys, there is an invisible buffer space that exists between each person. Silent acknowledgement and compliance by respecting this buffer space confirms that one’s sexual preference is a woman or gives the appearance that their sexual preference is indeed a woman. This doesn’t include those individuals who comply to this rule for the sole purpose of deceiving people into believing that their sexual preference is a woman when in reality they are actually into men. These individuals are known as “in the closet” homosexuals.

For example, if person A is drying himself and also standing close to Person B’s shampoo, and Person B needs to walk over and grab his shampoo, the unwritten rule is that Person B will give Person A a firm warning that he needs to grab his shampoo near Person A. Person A must then move at least 3 feet away from Person B and from the shampoo while Person B bends over and picks up his shampoo off the floor. After Person B has full possession of his shampoo, Person A can then go back to the initial spot where he was drying himself.

You want to avoid all situations that present the possibility of any sort of “brushing” or “skin on skin” when walking past each other, so the rule stated in paragraph 2 above helps to avoid any misinterpretations or “incidents”.

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