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Inconsiderate ignorance

I have been reading through CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s blog, and he asked his viewers to share their comments. I couldn’t believe the inconsiderate ignorance of most Americans who responded to his article.

In general, most of the respondants seem to think that Israel is “doing the right thing” and all terrorists in the world should be “exterminated” and they more or less feel that Lebanon, Iran and Syria should all be blown to the stone age. A lot of people also expressed that they don’t feel sorry for any of their fellow Americans stuck in Lebanon at the centre of the conflict, simply because they should have known Lebanon might get bombed to smitherines and they are dumb for going there in the first place.

First of all I want to say that I firmly believe that violence ignites more violence and the actions by the Hezbollah and Israel are unacceptable and are going to escalate the region into an eventual major major war. Secondly, one must understand where the Hezbollah came from in the first place. The Hezbollah was created as a result of the Israeli occupying forces in 1982 and became popular amongst citizens as the force that drove the Israelis out of Lebanon in 2000. Hezbollah was born out of Israel agression and similar groups will emerge as the aggression continues. The situation and history is very complicated, but one thing we know from history is that attacks of this scale from the IDF will NOT bring peace or solve anything. Most Americans who commented on the blog think that the only way to end terrorism is to obliterate any countries that support terrorism. I don’t have the answers, but I know this isn’t the answer. Maybe the only answer is a victory for one side, who knows how long this will go on. The world might not live long enough to settle it peacefully.

One other thing I wanted to point out is the thousands of civilians were killed on account of the 1982 Israeli attack on Lebanon. Osama bin Laden stated that the 9/11 attack was in response to the 1982 attack in which up to 18,000 civilians died. When you look at how some Middle East militant organizations were created, you will see where some of the hatred comes from.

Here are some quotes and general comments people have expressed. Check out the first comment where this Gerald Coates from Virginia thinks that terrorist groups are seeking “world domination”. His comments were somewhat ironic considering the overseas wars the US is fighting, not to mention the history of Arab wars where they fight for their own land, and they are usually fighting to defend their own land against Western Imperialism. Haven’t people figured out yet that they are fighting for the land that was taken away from them, and they’re fighting as a result of the suppression of their people?

One person even commented that the US is taking so long to rescure their people because they are waiting for American citizens to get killed to give them an excuse to attack Iran. haha. Haven’t you seen how bogged down the US is in Iraq? How would the Americans be able to afford to attack Iran? This plan went down the crapper a long time ago when they realized how bad an idea it was to attack Iraq.

It is time that the liberal press and people realize that there is one goal for Hezbolah and other simular terrorist groups and that is total world domination. We need to not just support Israel in its action but to offer them free of charge and and all military equipment they need. Personally if I was the president I would not just give them what they need but also attack and destroy Syria and Iran. Enough of us and the rest of the world saying OH the poor inocent Muslims that are being killed. It is time that any country that support terrorist,in any way what so ever, to be afraid – terribly afraid.

Posted By Gerald Coates, Roanoke Va : 3:25 PM ET

If people voluntarily chose to visit these hostile countries then they need to bear the burden of the possible dangers. It is not the responsibility of Uncle Sam to cater to these folks who are simply foolish to travel to such areas of the world.

Posted By Jackie, Sterling, Virginia : 9:32 AM ET

Over the last few months hazbellah has been sending rockets digging tunnels and kidnapping Isreali soldiers. Finally Isreal stood up to these bullies! We are at war in the middle east and the American citizens went there knowing the trouble in that area! I resenet the fact that we have to pay for their evacuation.

Posted By Heidi Carman, Newton, MA : 5:17 PM ET

Well, let me try again. Has anyone noticed that the great majority of innocent civilians in Lebanon say that they support Hezbollah? I saw one mother say that she is training her children to hate Isreal and it’s people. In my book, if you vehemently support a terrorist organization like Hezbollah, then you also are a terrorist. So I don’t feel bad about the “innocent civilians” that are being killed or wounded. The US press is happy to show pictures of dead and injured Lebanese. But these are the people who support terrorists. These are the people who feel right at home killing and kidnapping Israelis. These are the people who blow up bombs in crowded market places and restaurants. I’ll never feel sorry for justice delivered from the muzzle of a cannon or the muzzle of a rifle. To the Isaeli Defense Force…go for it!

Posted By Dan, Green Bay, WI : 4:01 PM ET

As usual the lierals blame Bush for everything. Bush personally called Hezbollah and told them to kidnap the Israeli soldiers. Cmon people. Terrorists need to be exterminated from this earth. If only we had the intestinal fortitude that Israel has, the war in Iraq would be over and Iran and Syria would be have been dealt with. Unfortunately, our polititions, including Bush are so worried about appeasing, the terrorist sympathisers such as Howard Dean and the Dems, the UN, and all of the countries who already hate us. To bad this didn’t happen when Reagan was President, this thing would be over. Just like when he brought down Communism despite the communist sympathisers in the Democratic party.

Unfortunately in war innocent people die. I’m sorry, better them than us.

Posted By Matt, Mesa AZ : 4:00 PM ET

Terrorism cannot, will not and should not be tolerated in the modern world. This is what this boils down to. Until Hezbollah and Al-Quida understand this the civilized world has a lot to do.

Posted By Lika, Scarsdale NY : 5:31 PM ET

Many of the Americans in Lebanon are there for perfectly legitimate reasons. But they must have known about the boiling tensions between Hezbollah and Israel. Some of them, no doubt, are ardent Hezbollah supporters who now want to be held harmless from the results of that support by our government and military. It is hard to muster much sympathy for them.

Posted By Ned, Baltimore, Maryland : 8:57 AM ET

Thank you to all the people who are willing to admit and agree that the Americans oversees are being selfish and demanding. Terrorism is an inherent risk for all Americans if you travel abroad. Get used to it and prepare your own contingency plan in case of emergency instead of relying on your government to take care of you. Get a backbone and show the rest of the world how great Americans can be. Not how selfish!

Posted By Rose, Arlington, VA : 4:23 PM ET

What amazes me is that Americans are in Lebanon in the first place. And the sense of entitlement as though the good men of the marines should be expected to come in and risk thier own lives to bring out all those that chose to live, visit, or go to school in a country where Hezbolla is your neighbor! Why is the government even responsible to rescue these people? No one seems to be thankful for those that do risk their lives bringing these whiners back home. As for my thoughts on Israel trying to take out Hezbollah and Hamas, I say more power to them and may they succeed taking every one of those murderers out. Israel is surrounded by enemies and only tries to defend themselves. Hamas and Hezbollah TRY to kill innocents, Israel tries only to kill the terrorists. If Lebanon won’t enforce the UN resolutions to rid themselves of Hezbollah, what do you expect Israel to do? The blame for the civilian deaths lie squarely with Hezbollah and the Lebanese Government who allow Hezbollah to exist in the south and last but not least, Iran and Syria. Do you not think that Iran would provide Hezbollah with a nuke if they develop one? They allready provide the murderers with long range missiles, training, and money to destroy Israel. If people actually educate themselves with the facts, it is very easy to choose sides. Murdererous terrorists or Israel? Not a very hard choice!

Posted By Brad, Gloucester Virginia : 4:21 PM ET

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