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Dick Cheney’s fantasy land 2

Dick Cheney recently criticized Nancy Pelosi for suggesting a gradual withdrawal of the United States; likening a withdrawal to “validating the al-Qaida strategy”. At the same time, Mr. Cheney has applauded Britain’s decision to withdrawal 1600 troops from Iraq as an indication that things are going very well in Iraq. How much can DICK Cheney contradict himself? This just shows you how Dick Cheney will do anything he can to distort a fact.

Mr. Cheney has been living in a fantasy land since he led the neo-Conservatives in his quest to control the Middle East. When you watch this interview with Lynne Cheney, you will see that even she is completely out of touch with reality. Even at a time that President Bush is becoming more of a realist (Read: He’s been left with no choice but to admit fault), Cheney is still convinced that there is victory in Iraq for the United States and that the “terrorists” will be defeated.

I’m still trying to decide whether Cheney really believes what he preaches, or whether he is trying to save face. People in similar positions probably realize they have messed up and are naturally defensive as a result. If the United States decides to withdrawal after his term is over, I don’t think he’d waste any time in trying to shift the blame of the failures to the newly elected government instead of accepting any blame himself.

Even Cheney’s hunting partner whom Cheney shot last February was probably at fault for coming up “unannounced” before being shot by Cheney.


2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney’s fantasy land

  1. iBrett Feb 25,2007 3:36 pm

    I can’t imagine how any self-respecting men could hold-up such a sign. And what’s with the guy in the tie; it looks as though he was caught in the act of pumping his arm and fist up and down.

    While the picture doesn’t reveal a whole lot outside of these two clowns, it certainly doesn’t provide any evidence that there are throngs of folks proclaiming their undying love for Dick C.––and that is encouraging. 🙂

  2. george Feb 27,2007 4:58 am

    hey – what happened to the REAL picture that you had up, jim?!? don’t tell me “they” got to you??? i guess even YOU can succumb to some kinds of pressure. but keep up your anti-american, pro-communist, anti-war tirades!! i’m sure csis won’t notice. and i’ll be there for you when you get out of prison in 30 or so years.
    – g
    ps. the war has totally been about saving face for about a year and a half now. come to terms with it.

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