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Office Jerks 2

Ever worked in an office with an office jerk? I read an article today where they described 6 types of “office jerks”. The article didn’t describe these jerks well, so I’ve added my own commentary.

1. The Loud Phone-Talker – The loud phone talker thinks that the person on the opposite end of the phone is at a live concert. At times I’ve feared I’m the loud phone-talker, but then again there are people far worse than me.

2. The Hang-Arounder – We all know this guy. He’s always distracting you from your work and simply never leaves you alone. Even when you are walking away from him after telling him 5 times that your girlfriend is waiting downstairs, he still fails to acknowledge you’re leaving and keeps talking to you even when you’re 30 feet away and walking in the opposite direction. Does it sound like I have experience with this? 😉

3. The Idea Stealer – The idea stealer is a rare creature; found mostly in large corporations where politics are part of every day work life. There are two sub-species in idea stealers. One thinks that every good idea is his own; he hears your idea and thinks that it is a voice inside his head telling him what to say. The other sub-specie is the idea stealer who simply loves to brown-nose the boss and knowingly takes your idea and pretends it’s his own. (In consulting it’s our job to put the ideas into the heads of our client so that they will shine. That’s why they pay us the big bucks).

4. The Meeting Monopoliser – The meeting monopoliser rarely lets anyone else in the meeting speak and loves to keep everyone in the meeting for the full amount of time the meeting was booked, regardless of whether the full meeting content was covered in the first 10 minutes.

5. The Bully – This guy has issues with himself and loves to bully on others to make himself feel better. We’ve all seen him before.

6. The Boss – The Jerk Boss can make everyone’s life miserable. Nobody wants to work for a jerk.

In my cubicle at the bank I used to have the unspoken language of the office posted on my wall. These are great tips to get rid of getting rid of “the hang-arounder”. The febreze method is my all-time favourite (And actually does work).

2 thoughts on “Office Jerks

  1. george Jun 20,2007 2:02 pm

    i definitely plan on walking on eggshells during our next meeting! i wonder, since this posting went up, i’ve not been scheduled in any meetings with you… or even been allowed back in the office… hmm… coincidence? or chilling realization of truth??? (sob)
    – g

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