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Canadian Boy 4

This winter has been by far the best winter I have seen in over 15 years. I love snow and we have been getting dumped on over and over again this winter. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this much snow in any single winter since I was born.

What amuses me about snowstorms is the fact that everyone around me becomes so anxious when they hear the news that a snowstorm is approaching. I enjoy avoiding the weather reports so as not to eliminate the element of surprise. It’s a bit like Presidential elections and polls; you already have a really good idea based on polls who will be the winner (I’d rather have no idea who’s going to win until the actual election). I also enjoy watching movies without having seen the trailer for the same reason.

But I guess since I don’t rely on my car to get around, I have no reason to fear a couple feet of snow. When you rely on your car to get around, you rely on good road conditions which means you’re impacted by the weather.

There’s nothing more relaxing and beautiful to me than the snow falling, and I love walking to work through the snow before the sidewalks get shovelled. After the sidewalks are shovelled I can’t stand it because it’s either wet or you’re walking through the disgusting salt they put down to melt the ice (Which by the way should be banned for many reasons, not just because of its environmental impact, but also because it ruins my shoes).

I’m heading to Calgary tomorrow for a couple weeks for work, so I’m going to bring my snowboard and spend the next couple weekends snowboarding in Banff. Here are a couple pictures I took of the snow today:



4 thoughts on “Canadian Boy

  1. sis Mar 9,2008 1:45 am

    I’m glad I could inspire you as one of those who get anxious…Wed morning at 7:15am, after getting back from the gym, it took me 45 minutes to dig my car out of the bottom of the driveway to get it in the garage…I’ll avoid that ever happening again at all costs! And snow in Banff is alot better than snow in Ontario…no question.

  2. george Mar 9,2008 3:27 am

    ok – so, i hate you now because (1) all i wanted to do tomorrow was go downtown and take pictures of snow-covered, vacant, downtown toronto streets, and you’ve already done that and (2) because you will be in banff snowboarding for the next two weekends. i hate you, jim.
    – g
    ps. i don’t really hate you – only a great friend would do everything i want to do before i get to do it myself. 😛 have a good time. pete’s drive-in. don’t forget it.
    pps. good post. i agree completely.

  3. Jim Mar 9,2008 3:46 pm

    George, my shoddy Blackberry pictures of the snow don’t come close to the pictures that you’re capable of taking.

    Pete’s drive in it is!

  4. iBrett Mar 14,2008 1:32 pm

    Hi Jim,

    The snow looks great out east. I’ve heard the same thing from family and friends back in Niagara that they haven’t seen this much snow in a single winter for at least 15 years.

    As you’ve seen in Calgary, my experience here has been quite the opposite. Not much snow to report of here, likewise for sub-zero temperatures. 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying Calgary and nearby Banff.

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